Gods Reign Wins New State Mobile Elite Scrims, Hector Crowned MVP


Esportswala recently restored an old competitive IP, Elite Scrims, with some of the top New State Mobile teams from across the country competing in it for a total prize pool of INR 50,000 ($604 USD).

The reward associated with the event might not have been significant but this was more of a practice tournament between the best, just to see where the teams stand as they went head-to-head against each other.

After about two weeks of grueling competition, Gods Reign was crowned as the champion, having completely dominated the teams as it finished with a total score of 185 points.

Meanwhile, Sohail “Hector” Shaikh, was named as the MVP (Most Valuable Player) of this tournament having bagged a total of 52 finishes during the Grand Finals stage.

Gods Reign has been crowned as the champion of New State Mobile Elite Scrims

New State Mobile Elite Scrims had started with a total of 32 teams being handed a direct invite to compete in the tournament. It was Gods Reign that was able to secure the first-place finish even in this stage of the tournament, having scored a total of 132 points, including two victories, 40 placement points, and 92 finishes.

Only the top 16 were able to make their way through to the Grand Finals stage. Keeping the momentum alive, Gods Reign secured the pole position on the points table from the very first day and did not budge till the very end.

The team ended up scoring a total of 185 points which included 79 placement points and 106 finishes, along with victories in four matches. The performance was enough to help the team lift the trophy, as a difference of just six points separated it from the second-placed Enigma Gaming.

Surprisingly, the MVP of this tournament was a member of the runner-up, Team Grind. With a total of 52 finishes, Hector was the top fragger of the Grand Finals stage after having dominated the initial phase with 34 finishes.

A huge performance by the talented fragger as he walked away with a total of 86 finishes. To achieve such a feat in a game that is still very new to him is highly commendable and goes on to show what a high-level esports athlete he is.

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