Google and Nvidia Join Sony in Expressing Concern to FTC Over Microsoft Activision Deal as ABK Refuses to Acknowledge New Union

Microsoft Yet to Have Any ‘Substantive’ Settlement Discussions With FTC Following Lawsuit Over Activision Acquisition

Following the US’s Federal Trade Commission’s lawsuit against its acquisition of Activision, Microsoft has found itself in deep trouble over completing one of the company’s biggest deals.

The $69 billion deal is in peril of being broken apart, as the FTC claim that the company will gain an unfair advantage over its competitors, once the acquisition goes through.

Prior to the FTC’s lawsuit, the deal faced detractors in the form of Xbox arch-rival, Sony PlayStation as they rued about the lack of premier Activision content like the Call of Duty on its consoles in the near future. And it’s just not Sony that has an issue, as both Google and Nvidia have joined the fight against the deal.

According to a recent Bloomberg report, both companies backed the FTC’s premise of the company gaining an advantage “in the market for cloud, subscription and mobile gaming.” In the end, with the deal set to face the scrutiny of an in-house trial in August, it will be interesting to see what other roadblocks the proposed acquisition will face in the near future.

Activision won’t acknowledge new employee union at Proleteriat Games

The efforts of the employees at Boston-based Proleteriat Games to create a union has hit a major roadblock, as Activision and the company’s upper management refuse to acknowledge it without the introduction of the National Labor Relations Board for an anonymous voting process.

According to a new Proleteriat Games blog post, this move is considered to be the “fairest option,” as it “allows employees to get all the information and various points of view.” However, the Communication Workers of America, who is a major player in Proleteriat’s efforts to create its union have huge problems with the decision.

The CWA has claimed that Activision and the upper management at Proleteriat Games are attempting to bust the employees’ efforts to create a union.


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