Just because you’ve made the switch to using Google’s productivity apps doesn’t mean everyone else has. If your school insists on using Office instead, it can be tough to keep all of your files managed in Drive, even with its built-in support for Microsoft’s suite. A new update to Docs, Sheets, and Slides makes it much easier to link and view all of your existing documents.

If you’re working on an Office file in any of Google’s productivity tools, you can now embed other documents in those projects. For example, if you need to link to a relevant PowerPoint file within Word, that presentation will now appear as an icon right along the text. If you click on the embed, you can download a copy of the slideshow or view it within that webpage, all without navigating away to another page.

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Google says this is a much-requested feature from users, helping to provide a “seamless work experience” when creating and editing documents from the web. It’s available now for all Workspace, G Suite, and personal users, though it’ll take up to 15 days to reach everyone.