Home Apps Google Messages will tidy up your OTP-riddled inbox

Google Messages will tidy up your OTP-riddled inbox

Google Messages will tidy up your OTP-riddled inbox

While a lot of us have moved over to instant messaging apps for our texting needs, SMS still plays an integral role in things like transaction alerts, 2FA (two-factor authentication), and OTPs (one-time passwords). Google knows this and it’s here to bring some order to the messaging experience.

First up, conversation categories will let users default their app to opening one of the following categories: All, Personal, Updates, OTPs (one-time password), or Offers. There’s also a handy bar right below the search box at the top that allows quick switching between these categories.

Although Google should do a decent job with sorting messages from the get-go, it’s asking users to submit their messages to improve the experience. If you decided to do so, your identity will remain private and you’ll be able to remove any message content.

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That’s not all, though. The Message organization setting also has a new feature that auto-deletes OTPs after 24 hours. Since one-time passwords expire after a few minutes, rendering them useless after, this will be a handy way to de-clutter your messaging inbox.

The new Message organization features haven’t rolled out widely yet. Judging from the tips we have received and additional information from Mishaal Rahman, they might be limited to certain regions like India.


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