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Google Weather is killing the hamburger menu

Google Weather is killing the hamburger menu

The arrival of gesture-based navigation on Android hasn’t boded well for hamburger menus, and Google is now actively doing away with them. The Google Play Store recently killed the hamburger menu, and now the Google Weather app is following suit.

Spotted by the folks over at 9to5Googlethe weather section of the Google app has been redesigned to fit in with this newer, simpler style. The hamburger menu that allowed switching between different Google accounts and the toggling of temperature units has been replaced by a menu that shows itself when you tap the profile icon.

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Google Weather: Old vs. New

In terms of functionality, you won’t miss anything old or see anything new; all of the same options are still available. However, one difference that’s immediately noticeable is that the status bar no longer matches the weather conditions — it’s painted white no matter what.

The new design seems to be rolling out with Google app v12.20 on the beta channel. To check if you’ve received it, tap on the At a Glance widget or search for weather within the Google app. If you haven’t got it yet, you might want to try your luck by sideloading the latest version from APK Mirror.

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