Google’s adding Drive file shortcuts to the new tab page in Chrome


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If you’re constantly hard at work on a document or spreadsheet in Google Drive, you’re well aware of how frustrating it is to reopen these files every time your browser closes. Last year, Google made it a little easier to access files from the Omnibox in Chrome, but it could always be faster to access. With the latest update to the new tab page, you can load into documents directly without relying on a single tap on your keyboard.

Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 4.33.50 PM

Starting today, Chrome will show a card below the search box and shortcuts that gives quick access to recently-opened documents, including files made in Docs or Sheets and content uploaded to Drive like PDFs or Word files. Google is selecting files it considers “highest priority,” with everything seemingly chosen from whatever account is signed into Chrome. That could mean files stored in work or secondary accounts don’t show up, dramatically reducing the tool’s usefulness, though we’ll have to wait to try it out ourselves to see exactly how it works.

Once it’s available to everyone, it’ll be on by default for anyone who hasn’t changed their new tab page. If you’d rather leave Chrome unchanged, you can disable this window by clicking the Customize Chrome” button in the bottom-right corner of a new tab.

This feature is coming to all Google users, including Workspace, G Suite, and personal accounts. As usual, it could take up to 15 days to appear for all users.

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