Blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels — it seems like there’s always some new kind of media to “pivot” to, especially if you’re trying to avoid being left out of the crowd. Newsletters have been the “next big thing” for a while now, with countless reporters and online personalities switching to paid email subscriptions to further their support. If you’ve been dreaming of writing your own newsletter, Google’s latest experiment might be just what you need.

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Museletter comes from Area 120, Google’s in-house incubator credited with creating everything from Pinterest clones to hybrid livestream apps with built-in funding. Tackling newsletters seems to be an obvious follow-up target, but Museletter has some extra features that set it apart from its rivals, thanks to Google’s backing. Instead of learning a new tool, Area 120’s latest project allows you to craft a public profile for your Drive account, publishing any file directly from anything saved online right to a dedicated email list.

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Whether you’re publishing a blog post through Docs or a slideshow presentation through Slides, Museletter should make it easy to post and share. It also includes monetization options, so you can gain subscribers as you write and post all of your thoughts on whatever’s in the news.

Museletter is now open in early access, but you’ll need to request an invite to get in. Who knows — maybe it’ll be the next big thing in newsletters.