Gramho – Are you searching for the Instagram Analyser tool? OR do you want to know how to analyze the IG profile? Do you want to know how to get insights into the Instagram page?

If so, then you are in the right place. Here, we will discuss one of the most used Instagram analyzer tools. Gramho – IG Account Analyzer.

You will know all the details. Stay tuned with us!

What is Gramho | IG Account Analyzer?

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Gramho – IG Account Analyzer is an amazing tool for analyzing Instagram Public Accounts. Till now you heard Analyzer a lot, so even though what exactly the Analyzer is going to analyze?

Gramho will analyze the basic account metrics like comments, likes, number of posts, videos, and videos. You will have the entire overview of the Instagram Profile. Apart from these, you can predict your next post’s number of likes/comments. Garmho lets you analyze the website anonymously. You can even download the videos/Reels anonymous. Analyzer offers multiple tools to analyze various aspects of the Instagram profile.

Here, we are going to discuss all the details regarding Gramho. What are its benefits, features, and how to use the Gramho. You will know all the benefits, but before that, you should know you can track the data of public profiles. There isn’t any option to track the private account. Read below to know all the details.

Benefits of What is Gramho | IG Account Analyzer

Till now, we what is the use of analyzer. Gramho, IG Account Analyzer, is used to analyze Instagram accounts. Are you still confused about how it’s useful for the creator and influencer market? OR how some can use the tool to increase their reach. To answer your query, here are some ways to use the Gramho effectively :

Social Media Managers/Marketers: Gramho can be a handy tool for social media management, as it reveals the account rate, post, likes, comments, and views. The primary work of the social media marketer is to analyze the growth. Gramho is simple to analyze.

Track the growth: You can also use the tool even if you are not a popular influence or someone just trying to grow on social media. Most marketers use complicated tools, but newbies can’t afford to have all of them. Thus, you can use the tool.

Free – Another factor Gramho is getting popular is its free. As mentioned in the above point, the professional tools are too expensive. Gram is easy, less complicated, and free; thus, it’s the best choice for common people.

You will find multiple benefits of using Gramho. You need to find the right way and how it can be useful to you. So, how will you determine whether the tool is useful for you? Know the features discussed in the next section.

Features of Gramho 

Once the entre option is tapped, then you will find the below statics of the account :

Account Rate: The Account Rate shows you the rating of the particular account. The rating in Gramho is based on the number of followers and not on the type of content. So, the metric shows you the popularity of the account.

Average Likes Per Post: The function of the option is the same as its names suggest. You get to know the average likes per post. You will know likes count.

Average Comments per Post: The same is the same as the above one; it just shows the average comment per post.

Photos and Video Ratio: Options show you the content type ratio, the video, and the images. How many reels are posted, and the number of image content. You will know the things in this section.

The tool is perfect for basic analysis, but for advanced research, you must look for other professional tools. However, this tool is relevant in many ways, for instance, to track, monitor, and analyze the competitor’s growth and what type of content will work best.

Predict Followers/Likes: Predict Followers/Likes tells the estimated numbers of likes and comments you will get in the next post. You are already predicting the stats and working to improve the visibility of the profile.

Download Instagram Reels and Video: This option has nothing with the growth. Anyone who wants to download videos from Instagram can use this feature. You can use this feature for free as of the above services.

You will find multiple ways to use these features. Firstly, explore the Analyzer, learn more about the platform and then try to figure out how to use the features.

How to use Gramho – IG Account Analyzer?

So far, we have discussed all the crucial points related to Gramho – IG Account Analyzer. You know the benefits and how to use the analyzer to grow your Instagram. Now the real question is how to use it. Although using an analyzer is a piece of cake, still you want to know how to use the analyzer, then here are the simple steps for you :

  • Step 1: first, click on the link here. You can click or type the name of the analyzer, and google will show the website directly.
  • Step 2: The link will direct you to the analyzer. You will see the blank space to enter the username. Now, all you have to do is enter the Instagram username.
  • Step 3: Press the “Enter”

After pressing the enter, the analyzer will show you the total number of posts and the post and video. You will have the full data of the follower, comments per post, and even the analyzer predict the likes and the followers.

Isn’t this easy? It’s simple and simple. One of the best alternatives is to analyze profiles for absolutely free. Use the website to reach more people.


Q1. Is Gramhir anonymous?

A1. Yes, Gramho | IG Account Analyzer is anonymous. You view anyone’s profile, stories, likes, and comments without noticing. All your information is going to be hidden. If you need to stalk someone, this can be your go-to site. View anyone’s story, and post without getting caught.

Q2. How do you Analyse someone’s Instagram Account?

A2. Instagram accounts are analyzed using various social media management tools. Apart from the Social Media Management tools, you can also use the Gramho | IG Account Analyzer. The website only needs the username for the Instagram profile, and you will get all the information regarding the profile.

Q3. Is there a free Instagram analyzer?

A3. Visit Gramho | IG Account Analyzer; it’s free. You can use the website for the basic analysis of your IG account.


As you can see here, using IG Account Analyzer is an easy and effective solution to grow an Instagram account. Follow the simple steps, and you will have the Analyzer at your fingertips. It’s an easy, affordable, and simplest way to know the IG profiles statics. Use the tool now. If you found the article useful, then don’t forget to share this with your friends and family.

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Last Update: May 12, 2024