GrindSky Media Discontinues its PH Community Wild Rift Tournament

One of League of Legends: Wild Rift’s most popular community tournaments in the Philippines, Grindsky Arena, has discontinued its operation. According to an official statement by Grindsky Media, this decision was made in lieu of Riot Games’ instructions. Following this, Grindsky Media’s manager and shoutcaster, Shinboo “Sh1n Boo” Ponferrada also made a post revealing that he would not be able to host Wild Rift community tournaments, stating that he was prohibited from doing so indefinitely. While the reason for Sh1n Boo’s indefinite ban is unknown, the shoutcaster claimed that this was due to a violation of Riot Games’ code of conduct. Riot Games is yet to make an official statement regarding this matter.

Riot Games pulled the plug for GrindSky Media’s community tournament

The community-driven esports event, GrindSky Arena has been discontinued as announced by its organizer, GrindSky Media through an official statement.

“GrindSky media will be discontinuing our Wild Rift community tournament – GrindSky Arena (GSA) following the instructions of Riot Games, its game publisher,” captioned GrindSky Media.

Despite this, the organization stated that it was happy to have been part of a growing Wild Rift esports community and encouraged the fans to continue supporting Riot Games in its esports scene.

“GrindSky, with its own asset[s] and resources have been dedicated to contributing to the growth of Wild Rift, its competition, and community. And over the past year, we are happy and honored to be able to do so,” captioned GrindSky Media.

Sh1n Boo indefinitely banned from hosting Wild Rift tournaments

Following this, one of the popular shoutcasters in the Philippines, Sh1n Boo (General Manager and Head of Production at Grindsky according to his ), claimed that he was indefinitely prohibited from hosting community-driven Wild Rift esports events.

While the reason for the ban was an alleged violation of Riot’s Code of Conduct, Sh1n Boo claimed that it could also be due to a heated argument between him and popular League of Legends shoutcaster Richard “Pulse” Kam last year.

“I think it started when I had aTwitter Feud with them, I shared my thoughts about their panel’s inability to analyze games,” Sh1n Boo commented on his post. “Apparently, it’s forbidden to cross them. Or to be specific, they are willing to do this (indefinite ban) due to a personal dispute.”

Last December, Sh1n Boo and Pulse had a heated argument following which Pulse decided to block Sh1n Boo on Twitter.

Following Sh1n Boo’s post, Pulse responded by stating that he would not work with enablers and individuals who actively diminish marginalized voices.

Riot Games is yet to release an official statement regarding this matter.

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