GT King Free Fire ID: Check his real name, income, and stats

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GT King Free Fire ID:  Garena Free Fire is one of the most downloaded games in recent years. The game has gained lots of attraction in recent months. The game has made so many creators who have become famous among the gaming community. So, today we will talk about GT King aka Ravichandra Vigneshwar. He is the man behind the massively popular YouTube channel – Gaming Tamizhan. Mainly, he creates videos in Tamil. Fans recognize him as GT King. So, let’s check out more details about the creator and his stats.

Lifetime stats of GT King:

Gaming Tamizhan has a massive following around the country. He has more than 2.93 million subr=scribers on his YouTube channel. The views count already crossed 313 million. Moreover, GT has more than 5 lakh followers on Instagram. The Free Fire iD of Gaming Tamizhan is 287597612. Ravi has managed to play 18188 squad games with 3614 wins. the creator has a win rate of 19.87%. The gamer has notched up 51696 kills with a K/D ratio of 3.55. In terms of duo mode, he has competed in 1797 games and has emerged victorious in 3351 occasions with a win percentage of 8.90%. Moreover, he has secured 3351 frags with a 2.05-K/D ratio. As the new season has just started, there are very few Infos to show ranked stats.

GT King Free Fire ID: Check his real name, ID number, stats, monthly income, and more – Gaming Tamizhan, Ravichandra Vigneshwar

Ravi has played 674 solo matches and got better of the opponents on 48 occasions with a win ratio of 7.12.  Moreover, Ravi has racked up 1450 kills with a kill-to-death ratio of 2.32. According to numerous social websites, the monthly income of GT King is between $4.2k and $67.5. So, his annual earnings might be between $50.6k and $809.4k.

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