GTA 6 Could Be Announced This Year With a Holiday 2024 Release Date: Report


Ever since the infamous GTA 6 leaks took place last year, fans have waited to hear more about the long-awaited title from the developers at Rockstar Games.

The latest entry in the iconic RPG franchise is one of the most-anticipated games in history, with the previous title in the series last arriving in 2013. While Rockstar has yet to announce any details about a release date, one insider claims the game might arrive next year.

On the GTA forum, popular insider Tez2 claimed that Rockstar Games has plans to announce the title to fans this year.

In regard to the game’s release itself, the developers have always wanted to release the game during the holidays in 2024. However, that deadline could be pushed back by Rockstar to 2025 if developmental delays take place. Moreover, the insider also claims that the upper management doesn’t want the game to be released after Winter 2025.

To accommodate such a deadline, Rockstar is even willing to cut some parts of the game to release later as DLCs for GTA 6. In the end, it will be interesting to see how the developers will release the Vice City-based GTA title that fans have waited a long time to see.

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