GTA Online: Check out the Top 3 Most Innovative Cars in GTA

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Players have always loved to play with sports cars in GTA Online and some of them are incredibly good in terms of speed and handling. Rockstar Games continuously releases new patches and updates to keep GTA Online more dynamic for players, latest being the Los Santos Tuners update which introduced a ton of tuner-based races and action-packed missions along with a lot of new cars. GTA Online has introduced a huge variety of cars ranging from classic cars to innovative cars. Here are the Top 3 most innovative cars in GTA Online:

  1. Oppressor Mark II
Oppressor Mark II


The Oppressor MK II is one of the most lethal and weirdest looking vehicles in the whole GTA series. It is very popular among players as it is equipped with a plenty of different weapons. The flying bike can attain great speeds and have the ability to attack in various directions. It is a weird shaped flying vehicle with an innovative concept.

  1. BF Space Docker
innovative cars in GTA Online
BF Space Docker

The Space Docker is an off-road dune buggy and is featured as a special vehicle in GTA Online. The weird look of the buggy comes from the high level of modification made in the buggy. Though the Space Docker has a low acceleration, it does a great job in the off-roads. It has a unique capability to glide for some time if driven off from a ledge.

  1. Bravado Banshee 900R
innovative cars in GTA Online
Bravado Banshee 900R

Bravado Banshee 900R is one of the most innovative cars in GTA Online. The Banshee 900R boasts a top speed of 131 mph and is capable of quick acceleration. It also features exceptional handling and braking abilities. All these features come with a significantly low price compared to its peers. Players can get their hands on the Banshee 900R by spending $565,000 in-game currency

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