H2wo Showcases Just How OP Aamon Can Be in Mobile Legends


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One of Nexplay EVOS’ star players and jungle specialist Jhon “H2wo” Salonga showcased the power of the new hero Aamon in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Through a video posted on H2wo’s official YouTube channel, the pro player experienced Aamon’s efficiency in farming the jungle lane and securing objectives such as the Lord and Turtle. The new hero’s mobility and gank potential are also impressive, allowing H2wo to easily chase down targets and even win duels that seemed one-sided. H2wo ended the match as Aamon with twenty-five kills and only one death, earning him the match MVP title.

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H2wo Proves that Aamon is Powerful and Agile in the hands of a pro player

Aamon is the latest addition to the hero pool of Mobile Legends. The new assassin hero has unique mechanics that use throwing weapons called Malefic Blades. The blades mark enemies that are hit and amplify his damage. He can also turn invisible for a short period of time, allowing him to sneak behind unsuspecting enemies or easily escape from ambushes. Needless to say, Aamon in Mobile Legends is very mobile and can easily move around the map, making him quite unpredictable at times.

Nexplay EVOS’ jungler, H2wo, witnessed the power of Aamon firsthand as he used the character in a normal match where he completely dominated the opponents with ease.

At the start of the match, H2wo easily multitasked and continuously attacked two camps simultaneously due to Aamon’s mid-ranged attacks. This allowed him to be more efficient in farming instead of clearing one jungle camp at a time.

Aamon’s high mobility and long-ranged attacks forced the enemy to always be on guard and curbed them to play passively throughout the match. Despite the new hero’s lack of defensive stats, H2wo was able to stay alive even in critical conditions and managed to flip the tides of battle.

In as early as 10-minutes, the pro player was already snowballing with 13 kills and no deaths. H2wo became too brash at the 15-minute mark and went too deep into the enemy jungle where he finally suffered his first death after a grueling 1v4. However, that was all the opponents could muster as the game ended at the 21-minute mark with H2wo’s team dominating the entire match.

Aamon in Mobile Legends is arguably one of the most agile heroes in the game. His mid-ranged attacks can easily target champions who are trying to distance themselves at a safe position. He can easily escape bad situations by going invisible, minimizing the consequences for bad positioning. In the hands of an experienced player of the likes of H2wo, Aamon is a force to be reckoned with.

It will be interesting to see if the new hero Aamon shakes up the meta in Mobile Legends.

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