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Hastar Revealed Why He Joined Orangutan Gaming


Hastar will be moving forward in his content creation journey with Orangutan Gaming

Hastar is a former PUBG Mobile/Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) professional player who has played the game professionally for Indian Tigers, Orange Rock, and GodLike Esports. However, the former pro player decided to retire from his competitive journey in March 2021 amid the unavailability of the game. During his retirement, he revealed that he would be independently focusing on content creation and won’t join any organization. He had a good run in content creation for over a year.

However, soon later, his YouTube views count started to drop, and because of that, he started posting content irregularly. In a video posted on 30th September, Hastar revealed that he had run out of money and was leaving his rented house in Gurgaon. Following this, he teased on multiple occasions that he was joining an organization but did not reveal which one.

Replying to a question asked by one of his viewers, Hastar revealed why he joined an organization even though he said he would be an independent and solo content creator. “When it was announced that I had joined Orangutan, a lot of people trolled me because I previously said that I would be an independent and solo content creator. I get it; I said that; those are my words, and you are not making those sentences,” he said. “But the thing is that everyone wants to grow; everyone wants to make content for their YouTube channel. At some point, money becomes a necessity. When you are out of money, you have to do something,” he added.

Following this, Hastar revealed why he chose Orangutan Gaming over any other organization. “Orangutan Gaming wants to do good in content creation, and I, too, want to do good in content creation. So, why not? Moreover, when people are with you, it is good,” he said. “If you want to take a hard path, take it. If you think you can make it, fine. But achieving something by traveling on a hard part does not give you a trophy. If you can make things simple, do it, please. If you can do things easily, do it in an easy way,” he added. “I believe that, in Orangutan Gaming, things will be easy. I have already got a PC setup and everything. I don’t have to bear the expense of everything. So, why not? Why should I do it the hard way?”

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