Hastar Reviews The Bootcamps of S8UL Esports, Orangutan Gaming, and GodLike Esports

“Orangutan Gaming’s bootcamp is the best overall” – Hastar

Replying to one of his viewers, Hastar said, “I can’t say anything bad about any bootcamp, as the organizations have invested a lot of money to build them.”

S8UL Esports revealed its 15,000 sq. ft. Gaming House 2.0 in April 2021 with a 21-minute-long video. The bootcamp features a separate room for all its creators for livestreaming. Furthermore, esports teams of different titles have a separate room to practice and stream.

Talking about S8UL Esports’ bootcamp, Hastar said, “The best thing I liked about S8UL Esports’ bootcamp was the food over there. All the bootcamps I have stayed in so far, S8UL Esports had the best food among all of them. Harish Bhai, the cook at S8UL Esports, cooks really great food.” Apart from its food, Hastar refrained from talking about S8UL Esports’ bootcamp.

Orangutan Gaming unveiled ‘The Forest’, a 15,000 square feet four-story structure set up in Navi Mumbai, on 24th October. The Forest facility houses all of Orangutan Gaming’s esports players and content creators. It features a Valorant room, a BGMI room, a Free Fire room, and many other facilities for all its esports players, content creators, and support staff.

Expressing his thoughts about Orangutan Gaming’s bootcamp, Hastar said, “Secondly, Orangutan Gaming’s bootcamp is best overall. I am not saying this because I’m in Orangutan Gaming. If you visit Orangutan Gaming’s bootcamp, you will know what I am talking about. The entire bootcamp has a centralized AC system, you won’t find a single fan in the entire Bootcamp,” he said. “The vibe is also really great. So, Orangutan Gaming’s bootcamp is the best overall,” he added.

Earlier this year, in July, GodLike Esports revealed its 25,000 sq. ft. bootcamp, which is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The bootcamp houses all the content creators, esports players, and the management team of the organization. The third floor of its bootcamp is called “GodLike Arena,” and it is specifically made for all the esports players of the organization. It features different rooms for teams of different esports titles, where they can focus on their gameplay and practice.

Finally, he talked about GodLike Esports’ bootcamp and appreciated its third floor, claiming it is the best bootcamp floor in the entire Indian gaming community. “I haven’t seen such a good bootcamp floor in the Indian gaming community yet,” he added. Following this, he stated, “Some organizations’ entire bootcamps are like only the third floor of GodLike Esports’ bootcamp.”


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