Hate Comments Fueled Joy Boy as Bren Esports Delivers Huge Upset Over ECHO

Bren Esports shocked fans as it secured a clean sweep victory against the top-performing team, ECHO, in the fifth week of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Philippines (PH) Season 9. After a lackluster performance in the first half of the regular season, Bren Esports was able to redeem itself and pulled off a huge 2-0 upset over ECHO. Through a post-match interview, Bren Esports’ amateur roamer revealed that the hate comments, that the team has been receiving these past few weeks, fueled his determination to do better. Bren Esports is the second team to have taken down the super team, ECHO, in the MPL PH Season 9.

Bren Esports takes down super team, ECHO

Hungry for victory, Bren Esport pulled off a dominant run in the first game. David “Flap” Charles Canon’s Uranus served as the stone wall that kept Bren Esports from falling apart against ECHO, allowing its amateur standouts to safely pick off opponents. Taking advantage of its momentum, Bren Esports closed the first game of the series with a victory.

The second game was a tug of war between the two teams. ECHO struggled to keep up as its two pillars Karl “KarlTzy” Gabriel Nepomuceno and Tristan “Yawi” Cabrera kept getting picked off. This gave Bren Epsorts the resources it needed. A crucial teamfight emerged at the 17-minute mark which went in favor of Bren Esports, allowing it to secure a Lord. With a powered up Lord in its hands, Bren Esports pressed forward and closed the series with a clean sweep victory.

Joy Boy determined to prove Bren Esports is still in the game

Through a post-match interview, the team’s amateur standout, Vincent “Joy Boy” De Guzman, and veteran player Flap spoke about the hate comments that Bren Esports has been receiving these past few weeks. While Flap doesn’t feel bothered by it, Joy Boy considers the hate comments as a way to keep himself motivated.

“For me, I don’t care what they say. I just follow my heart all the time,” said Flap.

“Sometimes, it does affect me because I’m an emotional person. But of course, I stayed positive and take it (hate comments) as motivation to prove to them we are still one of the best teams,” said Joy Boy.

With an impressive sweep against the super team, Bren Esports is looking to keep its momentum going to secure a playoffs spot in the MPL PH Season 9. Bren Esport will get its chance to gain more points as the team will have three consecutive matches in the sixth week of the regular season.

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