Hector Explains Why Teams and Players Are Grinding BGMI Despite Ban

Hector Explains Why Teams and Players Are Grinding BGMI Despite Ban

The beloved mobile battle royale, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) which has now been banned for more than nine months by the Indian Government still has multiple top-tier teams and players hooked.

Professional players have been seriously grinding the game in the ongoing tier-one BGMI scrims which have attracted a lot of attention while being the center of recent controversies.

During a recent livestream session, Sohail “Hector” Shaikh, while answering one of his viewers explained why players were putting in so much effort and practicing consistently against some of the best teams from across India.

Hector explains the reason teams and players are grinding BGMI despite the ban

All top-tier teams want to compete in the ongoing BGMI scrim sessions that are being held daily, providing players with consistent high-quality practice.

Yes, it has invoked some criticism due to multiple controversies that have resulted from it. However, those involved cannot deny how rewarding this setup has been for them as everyone patiently awaits the game’s comeback.

Similar sentiments were shared by Hector when one of his viewers asked him the reason behind most top players starting to seriously grind BGMI.

“Because right after the game (BGMI) returns, immediately all the matches and tournaments will begin. Everyone wants to win and see their team lift trophies, so the players are taking a chance right now by practicing while the game is banned, improving individual and team skills. Most are playing while some are sitting with the mindset that we are godlike players and are done with everything,” explained Hector.

: The related segment starts from 05:16 onwards.

Earlier, Animesh “Thug” Agarwal had mentioned that he has no good news related to BGMI’s comeback but that the game would not be returning anytime soon according to him.

For now, players continue to compete in the 24 team BGMI scrims that are held on a daily basis, keeping the local mobile community engaged as well. Some are playing with a fixed roster while others are still trying new players to find the perfect lineup.


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