Hector on Team Soul’s Victory and Upcoming Plans

Team Soul emerged triumphant in an exhilarating showdown during the grand finale of GE Fight Night Season 5, leaving spectators in awe with their exceptional performance. Following their resounding victory, Sohail “Hector” Shaikh, the esteemed member of Team Soul, expressed his elation in a post-tournament interview. 

Global Esports announced that in addition to the prize pool, the winning team would also receive an all-expenses-paid dream vacation of their choice. Hector acknowledged the uniqueness of this tournament, stating, “This was a special tournament because of the trip that was offered to the winners.”

Hector shares Insights About Trip, Offical tournament, and a New Player 

Amidst the resounding applause, it was evident that Harsh “Goblin” Paudwal and Hector himself had emerged as the top two fraggers of the tournament, showcasing their exceptional prowess. Expounding on the possibilities for their dream vacation, Hector shared tantalizing details about the potential destinations the team had in mind. He revealed that the idea of exploring the Philippines had captured their imagination, as their manager, Sid Bhai, had previously regaled them with vivid tales of his delightful experiences in the country.

When we joined Team Soul initially, Sid Bhai (The manager of Team Soul) had already stayed in the Philippines. He had a good experience over there, so we decided that maybe one day we could go there. now that we have a chance, maybe we might visit the Philippines,” Hector said. However, other options, such as Singapore and Thailand, were also under consideration. Notably, Naman “Neyo,” another prominent player in the team, expressed a desire to visit Bali.

Hector also touched upon Team Soul’s strategies for official tournaments,  The team was constantly seeking innovative methods to enhance their gameplay and stay ahead of the competition.  According to Hector, the players were not just sticking to things that the players are good at, as the competition would get accustomed to it before the official tournament. When Piyush “SpeRo” Bhatia asked Hector about Kamran “K47” Rauf joining Team Soul as he was seen playing with them, Hector replied, “ During the ban period, he used to play with us. He is also an ex-teammate of mine, so I call him sometimes to play.

Deliberations on the Five-Man Roster and Future Prospects

Hector also shed light on the selection process for the team’s five-man playing roster during official tournaments, revealing that the responsibility lies with their esteemed coach, Amit Dubey. Amit, revered for his keen understanding of the game, assumes the crucial task of determining which players will grace the playing field and who will remain on the sidelines for each match. With the team’s fate in Amit’s discerning hands, Team Soul hopes to strike a delicate balance between their players’ individual strengths and the dynamic demands of the game.

As the anticipation swells for the official announcement regarding the team’s participation in upcoming tournaments, Team Soul is fervently preparing to exhibit their prowess once again. The world eagerly awaits their triumphant return, eager to witness the next chapter of Team Soul’s storied journey unfold on the grand stage.