Hector Reveals Why He Didn’t Participate in The Recent New State Official Tournament

Hector Reveals Why He Didn’t Participate in The Recent New State Official Tournament

Team SouL’s Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) player Sohail “Hector” Shaikh did not compete in the recently concluded New State Mobile official event. Fans started speculating that Hector might be leaving Team SouL soon or quitting BGMI altogether. Hector put these speculations to rest recently and revealed in a livestream why he did not compete in the recent esports event.

Hector went home to celebrate Eid and was busy with his family

Hector revealed that he has no issues with competing in New State Mobile events. But he had family commitments and had to go home for Eid. He was not able to get enough practice in and wanted to sit out of this event.

The player did not want to compete without sufficient practice and he did not want to negatively impact his team’s performance. Deepak “Sensei” Negi wanted to form a team and compete together and despite Hector not being able to make it to the group stages of the event, Sensei was willing to compete directly in the finals of the New State event with him.

Despite the offer from Sensei, Hector did not want to compete without enough practice and trusted Sensei to find a suitable replacement who could compete and deliver results. Revenant Esports went on to win the , which concluded on 30th April.

Fans also wanted to know if Hector would be leaving Team SouL in the near future and joining an international team instead. He responded by saying that these questions and speculations serve no purpose but to create a buzz within the community and dismissed all claims of him quitting his team.

Team SouL is still committed to BGMI despite the game’s ban and teams are actively participating in pro scrims in hopes of competing at the highest level as soon as the game returns. It is still unknown what the future of BGMI esports looks like as we continue to receive no signs of its comeback from Krafton.


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