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Hector Reveals Why Snax and Mavi Do Not Play BGMI


Team SouL’s professional Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) player, Sohail “Hector” Shaikh was casually chatting with his audience and answering their questions on his recent livestream. During this livestream, he revealed the why Raj “Snax” Varma and Harmandeep “Mavi” Singh do not play BGMI anymore. Following this, he urged his audience to also watch games other than BGMI as many other games are worth streaming currently. He said watching those games will help the viewers understand how those games work.

Hector states that Snax and Mavi are trying different games

Since the government of India blocked BGMI under Section 69A of the IT Act 2000, many content creators and streamers have stopped playing the game and creating content around it. Two such streamers and content creators are Snax and Mavi. Both of these creators are professional BGMI players and rose to fame because of the game. Fans were curious as to why they stopped playing the game altogether.

In Hector’s recent livestream, one of his viewers asked him why Snax no longer plays BGMI. Replying to this question, Hector said that, “Snax is grinding in different games currently.” Following this, he stated there is no point in playing BGMI while it is blocked, and it would be better if Snax returns once it is available in the country. “BGMI is currently suspended in the country. If he comes to play the game, then what would he do? So, it is better if he comes after the game has returned,” he added.

Listening to this, another viewer asked him why Mavi had also stopped playing BGMI. Hector replied, “Mavi is also playing different games, like Valorant and other PC games, but you don’t watch those games.” Following this, he added, “You should watch those games too. If you go and watch those games, then you will understand it. All streamers are playing different games now. If you watch them, you will understand how those games work.”

Hector finally revealed that Snax and Mavi shall continue to play BGMI once the game is available in the country. “BGMI is suspended currently, so they will only play it after it returns,” said Hector.

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