Hector Talks About Changing Roles and Affirms AkshaT’s Presence on Team SouL’s BGMI Roster


Team SouL’s professional Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) player Sohail “Hector” Shaikh recently discussed switching roles from a support player to the assaulter on the team. Despite his improved performance in recent months, he confirmed that he would continue to play as a support player rather than an assaulter. He explained that the lobbies he has been playing in have not been as competitive as usual due to the unavailability of BGMI, and he preferred to keep his role on the team consistent. 

Hector also addressed rumors about teammate Akshat “AkshaT” Goel potentially leaving Team SouL, stating that unless the organization makes an official announcement, there is no reason to assume any such thing.

Hector discusses switching from support to assault

In a recent livestream, a viewer asked Hector whether he would switch his role from the support player to the assaulter, given . Responding to this, Hector denied changing his role to assaulter and stated that he would continue to play the role of a support player on the team. “Now that I am playing well and getting more finishes, it does not mean that my role (in the team) has changed,” he added.

Due to the unavailability of BGMI, a lot of players and teams have been playing casually without any proper strategy or approach. Hector explained that the BGMI game lobbies he has been playing in for the past few months were not the same as those he generally played in when the game was available. “When I play in such a lobby (where everyone plays with proper strategy), and if I mess up, then you support me, it will feel good. Don’t overwhelm me right now by calling me the assaulter and blame me if I mess up,” he added.

AkshaT will continue to play BGMI with Team SouL

With and AkshaT’s recent inactivity, fans have been concerned about AkshaT’s future in BGMI esports and Team SouL. Previously, Team SouL’s coach but would only confirm it after the game’s launch.

A viewer asked Hector about AkshaT’s future plans with the game and whether he would continue to play BGMI esports with Team SouL. Responding to this, he affirmed to his audience that AkshaT would continue playing with the team. “What are you talking about? Unless we don’t make an announcement; unless our organization does not make an announcement, why do people assume such things?” he added.

Prior to BGMI’s suspension, Team SouL was one of the strongest BGMI teams in India. With AkshaT on the team and Hector sticking to the support role, Team SouL will aim to continue its domination after BGMI’s potential return.

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