Here are the Hidden Changes in Season 9 of COD: Mobile

The Season 9 update has hit the virtual battlefield of Call of Duty Mobile, bringing with it a host of new settings and changes that every player should be aware of. In this article, the reader will be taken through ten hidden alterations in the latest season, offering insights and recommendations for optimizing their gameplay experience.

1. Tactical Precision: Configuring the Right Button

In the quest for tactical superiority, the first change to explore is the configuration of the right button. Players can now enable a setting in the basic options that allows firing simultaneously while aiming, providing a significant advantage in fast-paced combat situations.

2. High-End Graphics Enhancements

For users with high-end devices, maximizing the graphical potential of the game is now more crucial than ever. The article dives into recommended settings, highlighting the visual improvements in thermite and smoke effects at maximum graphics settings.

3. Weapon Performance and Realism

Season 9 introduces a novel setting affecting weapon performance during hip-firing. The article guides players on adjusting barrel shake based on recoil and dispersion, enhancing the realism of firing heavy weapons.

4. Frame Rate Optimization

For gamers with devices supporting ultra frames per second, a new refresh rate setting is unveiled. The article provides insights into the significance of frame rate over graphics performance and recommends optimizing this setting for a smoother gaming experience.

5. Battle Royale Customization Options

A notable addition in Season 9 is the ability to adjust the opacity and color of the 3D Get Hit Hint wheel in Battle Royale mode. The article details the significance of this feature, especially in discerning the relative position of enemies not on the same horizontal plane.

6. Color Adjustment in Battle Royale Mode

The developers have introduced a color adjustment feature in Battle Royale mode, allowing players to personalize the color, hue, tint, saturation, and brightness settings. This article explores the newfound freedom of customization in the Battle Royale visual experience.

7. Exclusive Collaboration: Supreme Okat Hand Fan

A unique weapon skin, the Supreme Okat hand fan, is introduced as part of an exclusive collaboration for the Chinese version of COD Mobile. Players will be able to claim it as part of a seasonal event that may come later this season.

8. Undead Siege Zombie Mode Returns

The popular Undead Siege Zombie Mode makes a comeback in Season 9, promising new challenges, classes, rewards, and a difficulty level. Players can also unlock the Ether Crystal for their weapons during this exciting mode.

9. Sound Updates and Weapon Scaling

Season 9 brings sound updates for certain weapons, and adjustments to the scaling of popular weapons like the AS Val, Striker 45, and Grau 556. The article encourages players to experience the new sound effects and assess their preferences.

10. Series Tab in Arsenal: Halloween Themed Skins

The Arsenal tab gets a facelift with the addition of a new Series tab in Season 9. This section will feature themed skins related to specific events or holidays. The inaugural series showcases Halloween-themed legendary weapon blueprints and rewards.