If you’re rocking a Galaxy S21, S21+, or S21 Ultra, and you want to check out the latest software goodies that Samsung is brewing up, you’ll want to get involved with the One UI beta program. Version 4.0 is out to beta testers in the program today, and it has quite a few new changes. Chief among them, at least for owners in the United States, is support for eSIM cards*. The feature was available previously in other countries and territories (as well as for the T-Mobile Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra).

screenshot 20210914 084413 call settings

We’re also seeing more than a dozen changes large and small, and that’s just what we were able to spot quickly. Here’s a brief rundown.

New notification and brightness slider visual design:

Point Blur Sep142021 141251 Point Blur Sep142021 141223

Extra-dim options (à la Android 12 Pixels):

screenshot 20210914 091255 one ui homescreenshot 20210914 091319 accessibility

A new widget picker for the homescreen:

screenshot 20210914 091423 one ui home

New notification permission windows:

screenshot 20210914 085245 accuweather

Permission usage history:

screenshot 20210914 092126 permission usage history screenshot 20210914 092147 permission usage history

New device care design:

screenshot 20210914 092403 device care

New interface for disabling notifications from the shade:

screenshot 20210914 092754 one ui home

New Android 12-style precise location permission:

screenshot 20210914 092852 permission controller

Other changes include tweaks to various apps and settings:

  • Sync Wi-Fi with Samsung cloud
  • New loading animation
  • New colors
  • New settings UI
  • Display examples for dark mode updated
  • New brightness icon
  • New motion smoothing animation, new settings UI
  • Galaxy system app update (outside Galaxy Store)
  • New privacy dashboard
  • Clipboard toast notifications
  • Private compute core
  • Labs added with multi-window for all
  • Driving monitor digital well-being
  • Device car new animations design and haptics
  • New Home Screen zoom out animation
  • New camera UI
  • New calendar UI
  • Light balance setting editing

The One UI 4 beta is available for Galaxy S21 devices, but oddly the new Z Flip3 and Z Fold3 aren’t invited. It’s also geographically limited: users in the US, UK, Germany, Poland, South Korea, India, and China, get access, but everyone else will have to wait. (It may not be rolling out in all countries immediately; we can only confirm it in the US so far.) To enroll, head over to the Samsung Developers site.