Hextech Chests Confirmed to Arrive in Wild Rift Soon

Riot Games have announced the arrival of the Hextech Chest feature in League of Legends Wild Rift. This feature allows players to acquire numerous loot boxes containing various crafting items and rarely, a champion skin. The Hextech Chest in Wild Rift is set to be released in the Patch 3.4 cycle alongside various exclusive skins that can only be acquired by opening these chests. Depending on player feedback, Riot Games will also update this feature from time to time to ensure the Hextech Chests contain loot that exceeds its value.

Hextech Chests will arrive in Wild Rift Patch 3.4 update for selected regions

Through a blog post by , it was revealed that a new feature called “Hextech Chests” will be released that allows players to acquire a random skin as well as a few in-game items in Wild Rift.

These chests can be acquired in various events in the game but will require a special key to open them. The keys can be acquired in the in-game shop. However, Riot Games stated that it is also “looking at different ways you can obtain keys just by playing.”

The publisher added that “the value of every chest exceeds what you paid for it, there will be bad luck protection, and we’ll publish the full loot table so you know what you are potentially getting before you purchase.”

The release schedule for the Hextech Chest in Wild Rift will vary for each region. However, the exact dates are yet to be revealed.

A first look at the Hextech Chests in Wild Rift

Data miners have posted several leaks regarding the upcoming feature. In a post by , unreleased skins such as the Dreadnova Darius and the Super Cell skin line can be seen priced with a new kind of currency.

Riot Games that more information regarding the upcoming Wild Rift Hextech Chests will be revealed at a later date. Fans should keep their eyes peeled for more updates in the future.

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