Hogwarts Legacy Gets a New Update Patch, Brings Improvements to the Performance, Gameplay, Online Connection, and More


Hogwarts Legacy is a game that has taken the world by storm. It provides players with a much-needed return to the fantastical and mystical world of Harry Potter.

To address the several issues found at launch, the developers at Portkey Games have released a patch, that aims to address overall gameplay, performance and stability as well as online connection improvements.

PC Changes

For PC players, player account network registration and tracking has been improved, along with DLC related issues during pause and gear menu. DLC flying mount disappearing during a mission has been fixed too.

When it comes to Gameplay, problems related to bandit camp cage, not being able to complete conversation with Madam Kogawa and avatar getting stuck in barrel and furnace has been fixed. Moreover, duplication collision, waypoint, objective marker, exit prompt, butterfly chest and mission progression related issues have been fixed as well.

Furthermore, there have been changes towards Broom flight, world events, characters, VFX, audio, UI, cinematics, raytracing, save game, performance and stability, display and miscellaneous.

PS5 and Xbox Series X/S Changes

PS5 exclusive fixes include character lip-sync animation, localized VO fix, improved LED effects and improved game help, activities performance update and memory usage.

In terms of Xbox Series X/S changes, cinematic fixes include removal of black flickering on character’s face, Professor Fig related graphic glitches and shadow flicker in teacups. Moreover, frame rate performance and fidelity mode performance has been improved on the platform too.

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