Honkai Star Rail: All Hertareum Locations

Honkai Star Rail: All Hertareum Locations

Honkai Star Rail has special shops where you can purchase level-up materials, Eidolons for the main character and other resources. The first region that you explore in the game is Herta’s Space Station which has its exclusive currency known as Hertareum. You can obtain Hertareum by completing quests and interacting with various easter eggs in the game. If you are unable to get enough Hertareum to clear the shop, here is a rundown of all sources of the currency in Honkai Star Rail.

All Hertareum Locations in Honkai Star Rail

To earn Hertareum, you need to explore Herta’s Space Station and open chests, and clear all side quests that become available to you. As your Trailblaze Level increases, you will get access to more Hertareum. There is more than enough currency to clear the shop by exploring and if you are still struggling to purchase all items from the special shop in the space station, check out the video below for some hidden Hertareum that you can obtain by interacting with non-playable characters, objects and more.

What can you get using Hertareum in Honkai Star Rail

You can purchase the following items using Hertareum: 

You also get various rewards for spending your Hertareum at the shop. You get a set of rewards after spending 10, 90, 240, 390, 590, 790, 990, 1240 and 1490 Hertareum respectively. The rewards include Star Rail passes, level-up materials, and Stellar Jade.

You should also clear the shops for the other two playable regions as well, as they contain tons of free summons, Stellar Jade and more. The resources can also save you thousands of Trailblaze Power and help you level up your account quickly and efficiently.


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