Honkai Star Rail Central Starskiff Haven Chest Locations Explained

Honkai Star Rail Central Starskiff Haven Chest Locations Explained

Where to find all chests in Central Starskiff Haven?

While the treasure chests may seem enticing, finding them in Honkai: Star Rail is required you to keep your eye out. You will need a bit of help to get to them all. Notably, in the Central Starskiff Haven location of The Xianzhou Luofu area, there are a total of 11 treasure chests. 

For the first one, teleport to the Starskiff Jetty space anchor, and walk westward before going south. You will find a chest below the red staircase stacked near other boxes. 

From the first chest, walk north and go down the stairs. Now, take a right after you pass two giant red boxes. The chest will be near Ziqiao, the Heron Express Specialist.

The third chest in this area is pretty easy to locate. From the previous location, go northwest to the end of the road to spot it.

The fourth treasure chest is a bit far. You will have to teleport to the Starskiff Jetty space anchor again and once you have arrived there, climb down the stairs on the left. The treasure chest can be seen just beside the staircase.

From the last location, just walk forward a bit closer to the bridge and cross it. After crossing, you will spot the next treasure. 

From wherever you are standing, follow the same pathway and go south and turn left when you see another set of stairs. The chest is just beside the huge red door on top of the staircase.

From the red door location, go east and enter a garden. Here, walk through the gate and turn right to spot the next chest in Central Starskiff Haven. 

Central Starskiff Haven’s eighth treasure chest is also close by. Walk out of the gate that you entered and turn left to see it at the end of the route. 

Next, teleport to the Starwatcher Avenue space anchor and once you’ve reached there, turn west a little bit and you will see the chest beside the stairs. 

From the last location, walk south toward the end of the road to spot the next one. 

Go toward the staircase that leads to the west side from the previous location to get the last treasure chest in Central Starskiff Haven.


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