Honkai Star Rail Codes for May 2023: How to Redeem

Honkai Star Rail Codes for May 2023: How to Redeem

Honkai Star Rail releases codes for players to redeem free characters, Light Cones, Credits and the rare Stellar Jade. One of the best ways to get Stellar Jade for free is by redeeming codes when HoYoverse releases them. Most codes will give players a number of Stellar Jade along with other items. Keep a lookout for special program livestreams as well, as the developer also gives out codes during these. Let’s look at the active Honkai Star Rail Codes for May 2023 and how to redeem them. 

Honkai Star Rail codes for May 2023

HoYoverse released a number of Honkai Star Rail codes to celebrate the official launch of the game. While most of these have expired already, here are some Honkai Star Rail Codes for May 2023 which are still active:

  • STARRAILGIFT: 50 x Stellar Jade, 2 x Traveler’s Guide, 5 x Bottled Soda, and 10,000 x Credits

Also make sure to check your in-game mailbox if you’ve signed up before the launch for some pre-registration rewards.

Look in your in-game mailbox after unlocking it to also claim your pre-registration rewards if you signed up before launch, which includes a 4-Star character and x18 Star Rail Passes. If you’re a new player in Honkai, you can also get Stellar Jade for following the community on Discord, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.

Another way of earning Stellar Jade is if you’re an Amazon Prime Gaming subscriber. Head over to the Prime Gaming website by clicking and claiming the bundles. Also be on the lookout for Twitch drops which you can claim by linking your Twitch account.

How to redeem Honkai Star Rail codes

Redeeming Honkai Star Rail involves visiting the official Honkai: Star Rail code redemption page. Click here to head to the page. Now follow these steps:

  • Login using your HoYoverse account.

  • Fill in your server details, character name and the code you want to redeem.

There are no other requirements to redeem Honkai Star Rail codes apart from having completed the first mission in the game called ‘A Moment of Peace’ which ends with you speaking to researchers like Hinkel and Abraham and then Asta . After this, you’ll be able to access your in-game mail and redeem the codes.  


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