Honkai Star Rail: How to Unlock the Path of Abundance in Simulated Universe

Honkai Star Rail: How to Unlock the Path of Abundance in Simulated Universe

Honkai Star Rail, the latest title from HoYoverse, has already acquired a huge fan following in a short time. This role-playing game (RPG) was released on 26th April and has already crossed 5 Million downloads on the Google Play Store alone. In addition to this, the game is available on PC and will soon be rolled out for PlayStation. Its gameplay contains gacha-like features and also includes a turn-based combat system, all the while being semi open-world.

While there are seven Paths in the Simulated Universe that you can choose for your run, the Path of Abundance is a great path to choose. It helps keeps your allies safe during combat as a healer path. Here’s how you can unlock the Path of Abundance in Honkai Star Rail’s Simulated Universe.

The Path of Abundance in Simulated Universe

Herta’s Simulated Universe is one of the most engaging gameplay modes in the game. In this mode, players explore a Roguelike dungeon crawler and get buffs for defeating enemies while maintaining limited healing resources. Buffs or Blessings in the game provide you with a much-needed boost to stats including damage dealt, healing, durability, and others. 

However, before you jump into the Simulated Universe, you are prompted to pick a Path. Note that Blessings of this Path will appear more often than others. Unfortunately, not all Paths are available to choose from at the start. One such is the Path of Abundance which you will notice missing from the list. 

You will need to defeat Kafka as a boss and clear World 5 of the Simulated Universe in order to unlock the Path of Abundance. Once you have unlocked World 5 of the Simulated Universe, Abundance Blessings will start to appear in your selection pool. After you clear World 5 on Level 1 difficulty, you can choose the Path of Abundance from the outset and receive the Path of Abundance Path Resonance ability.

The Path Resonance ability will help your teammates and you to heal without having any healing items or healer characters. There are three Path Resonance abilities. They are as follows: 

  • Anicca: Removes all debuffs and applies 1 stack of Subduing Evil per turn after releasing a Path of Resonance.

  • Terminal Nirvana: Helps players or any teammates survive lethal damage. However, it will work once per turn.

  • Anatta: After Path Resonance Energy is consumed for the first time in battle for the use of Path Resonance, the Path Resonance for the Abundance will appear on the action order. The Outgoing Healing provided by This Resonance decreases by 30%. When this Resonance takes action, it will automatically release Path Resonance to heal allies.


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