Honkai Star Rail Twitch Drops: Campaign Dates & Rewards Explained

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Given that gacha games are unpredictable and luck-based, getting your hands on free rewards is extremely crucial. As a result, players are always looking at ways to obtain free loot by way of redeem codes and more. For players, HoYoverse launched a long Twitch campaign to celebrate the launch of Honkai: Star Rail on 26th April. Honkai: Star Rail players can now claim some free in-game items through the Honkai: Star Rail Twitch drop campaign. 

However, players should note that this Twitch drop campaign is for a limited time and they should tune into Honkai: Star Rail Twitch streams in the given period of time to reap the rewards.

With this being said, let us dive deeper into the details of Honkai: Star Rail Twitch drops, the dates for the campaign, the rewards and more.

Everything you need to know about Honkai: Star Rail Twitch drops

The Twitch Drops feature allows viewers to obtain game-specific rewards by watching streams. To participate in the Twitch Drops campaign, all you have to do is connect your Twitch account with your Honkai: Star Rail account. Make sure to create a character in the game before you connect your account.

In case you have already been playing the game without connecting your accounts, make sure to do so during the Twitch Drops campaign period and claim your rewards. After the campaign period, rewards will not be awarded.

After activating Twitch drops, you can participate in the campaign by tuning into any Honkai: Star Rail Twitch stream. 

The Honkai: Star Rail Twitch drops campaign is live and will be running till 24th May 2023.

Here’s a simplified guide to set up your profile for Honkai: Star Rail Twitch drops:

  • Log into Twitch. 

  • Log into Honkai: Star Rail and link it to Twitch by going to this . 

  • Watch any Honkai: Star Rail streams with Twitch drops enabled. 

  • After earning a Twitch Drop, check your Inventory page and click ‘Claim Now’.

  • Go back into Honkai: Star Rail to see the rewards in your Mailbox. 

The rewards that are being given away by HoYoverse via this Honkai: Star Rail Twitch drops campaign are as follows:

  • 20,000 Credits

  • Four Lost Gold Fragments

  • Five Condensed Aether

  • Three Traveler’s Guide

  • 80 Stellar Jades

Note that players cannot receive these rewards until they activate their mailbox, which is accessible after completing the Trailblaze Missions from “The Blue” to “A Moment of Peace.”

You also cannot claim Twitch Drops rewards more than once. A Twitch account can only be connected with one Honkai: Star Rail account. Your Honkai account or a Twitch account can only receive each type of reward once, states the rules of the campaign.


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