Hori’s D-Pad Switch Joy-Con Gets Rare Discount

Hori’s D-Pad Switch Joy-Con Gets Rare Discount

The Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons offer a lot of flexibility in how the system can be played, letting you use them while the switch is docked, in handheld mode, or even propped up on a flat surface. They can also function as a pair of controllers in local multiplayer. But since the Switch launched, there’s been one Joy-Con feature that has been a sore point for players, and no, we’re not talking about drift. The Switch’s Joy-Con controller lack a traditional D-pad and instead offer four directional buttons on the left-hand Joy-Con where the D-pad would be.

For those who prefer the feel of a traditional D-pad, which feels like a must for playing some of the classic SNES games on Switch like Super Mario World and Super Metroid, Hori offers a line of D-pad Switch controllers that simply replace the left Joy-Con on your system. Though they’re available in a variety of designs, there’s a rare deal on one particular version right now at Amazon–you can snag the Black & Gold Pikachu design that’s black with yellow lightning bolts for $20 right now, down from $25.

Unfortunately, the Zelda and Super Mario designs are still full price, and the Mario and alternate Pikachu designs are wildly overpriced and in low stock. It’s been a while since we’ve even seen the Hori D-pad controller in stock, however, so if you’ve been frustrated with the D-pad buttons on your Switch Joy-Cons, snagging the Black & Gold Pikachu option at this price is worth it. Keep in mind this is just one left controller–there’s no matching right one that comes with it.

The Hori D-Pad Switch controller ranks on our list of the best Switch controllers we’ve tried, and it’d also make a great Mother’s Day gift idea if the mom in your life has a Switch and plays often.

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