How Many Heroes Are There in ML?

How Many Heroes Are There in ML?

Since the release of ML (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang), a lot of heroes have been added over the years. With a large pool of playable heroes, the game offers players a mountain of content to explore and gameplay mechanics to master and enjoy. With each hero offering unique abilities and playstyles, it’s essential for players to know just how many heroes are available in the game. This way, players can get to know which hero they want to invest their time into and master. This article shall dive into how many heroes there are in ML and provide insights into their role in the game.

How Many Heroes Are in ML?

As of Patch 1.8.20, there are currently a total of 122 playable heroes on the ML regular server. However, there are new heroes being tested on the advanced server which may be released at a later date.

It’s important to note that the game developers, Moonton, continually release new heroes and updates to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. This article shall be updated when new heroes are added to the game. Players should keep their eyes peeled for more information in the future.

List of all heroes in ML

Here is a complete list of all heroes in Mobile Legends from the oldest to the most recent release;

Mobile Legends boasts a diverse and ever-expanding roster of heroes, offering players a wide array of choices to suit their playstyle. The constant introduction of new heroes and balance changes keeps the game fresh, encouraging players to experiment with different heroes. 

Considering how many playable heroes there are in Mobile Legends, new players should consider investing in only a select few instead of trying to master all of the heroes. Players should also consider team composition, personal playstyle, and the current meta when choosing a hero. However, with a lot of patience and practice, players will eventually be able to play all heroes and understand each of their mechanics.

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