How much prize money did 7Sea Esports win from PMWI 2022 Afterparty Showdown?

7Sea Esports was the only Indian team in the PMWI 2022: Afterparty Showdown (Image via YouTube: PUBG Mobile Esports)

The popular LAN event, PMWI 2022: Afterparty Showdown, concluded yesterday at Gamers8 Arena in Rhiyad. This also brought down the curtains on the entire PMWI competition.

7Sea Esports made a remarkable comeback last night as the Indian side took a chicken dinner in the penultimate match and finished second in the tournament’s final match. The side continued with the legacy of Indian teams bagging home at least one chicken dinner in international tournaments.

Prize pool distribution for the PMWI 2022: Afterparty Showdown

Following 18 blisteringly intense matches during the PMWI 2022: Afterparty Showdown, Vampire Esports (from Thailand) emerged as champions of the PUBG Mobile LAN event and received a significant chunk of the prize pool. They earned six more points than Aplha7 Esports and secured a massive amount of $167,000.

Meanwhile, 7Sea Esports’ determination and perseverance helped them rise from the bottom position and finish ninth. The team won $71,000.

The second-placed Alpha 7 Esports received $144,000, and S2G Esports (third place) got $116,000.

Based on the earnings, here’s a look at the teams placed between fourth and twelfth at the end of the tournament:

  • Team Falcons – $109,000
  • Stalwart Esports – $83,000
  • Bigetron Red Aliens – $82,000
  • DAMWON Gaming – $72,000
  • 7Sea Esports – $71,000
  • Nigma Galaxy – $71,000
  • Deadeyes Guys – $29,000
  • R8 Esports – $24,000
  • RA’AD – $20,000

PMWI 2022: Afterparty Showdown also offered various special category awards. This was done to add enthusiasm to the tournament. Here’s a look at the winners in the different categories:

  • Fan Favorite Player (ScoutOP) – $10,000
  • Best Duo (Stalwart Esports) – $15,000
  • Headshots (Mythic) – $5,000
  • Eagle-eye (Stoned) – $5,000
  • Elimination Spree (Rayz) – $5,000
  • Special Elimination (Revo77K) – $5,000

PMWI 2022 Afterparty Showdown points table at the end of the tournament

12 popular teams worldwide participated in the LAN event between August 18 and 20. While the tournament staged two showmatches on each matchday, six competitive matches on different maps were played each day.

Vampire Esports from Thailand showcased astonishing gameplay in the last two days and emerged victorious in six matches. The team defeated 7Sea Esports in the final competitive match of the tournament to overtake Alpha7 Esports at the top of the podium.

Here’s where the 12 participating teams were posited after the Afterparty Showdown:

  1. Vampire Esports (180 points, along with six Chicken Dinners)
  2. Alpha 7 Esports (174 points, along with three Chicken Dinners)
  3. Team Falcons (129 points, along with two chicken Dinners)
  4. S2G Esports (116 points, along with two Chicken Dinners)
  5. Stalwart Esports (115 points, along with one Chicken Dinner)
  6. Bigetron Red Aliens (114 points, along with one Chicken Dinner)
  7. DAMWON Gaming (113 points, along with two Chicken Dinners)
  8. Nigma Galaxy (113 points)
  9. 7Sea Esports (79 points, along with one Chicken Dinner)
  10. R8 Esports (72 points)
  11. Deadeyes Guys (67 points)
  12. RA’AD (60 points)

With BGMI suspended in India, it remains to be seen when the Indian teams will make their comeback in future international tournaments.


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