How Much Storage Does Genshin Impact Require?

Knowing how much storage Genshin Impact requires is important especially for players with limited storage. The popular open-world action RPG, developed by Hoyoverse, has captivated millions of players worldwide. As gamers delve into the enchanting world of Teyvat, one common concern is the amount of storage space the game requires. With updates constantly dropping, the game has become much heavier than it was when it released. In this article, we’ll explore how much storage Genshin Impact requires and provide insights to help you manage your device’s storage efficiently.

Genshin Impact Storage Requirements

As of patch 3.6, the game currently takes up 25GB of storage for mobile devices. This includes High Quality textures and multiple voice dialogues.

The initial download size of Genshin Impact varies depending on the platform. On PC, the game typically occupies around 15 to 20 GB of storage space, while mobile devices require approximately 6 to 10 GB. However, it’s important to note that these figures represent the base game installation and do not account for subsequent updates and patches.

Ongoing updates and storage expansion

As a live-service game, Genshin Impact receives regular updates and content additions from Hoyoverse. These updates introduce new regions, quests, characters, and gameplay enhancements, gradually increasing the game’s storage requirements. Players can expect the storage footprint to expand significantly over time.

How to manage Genshin Impact storage

For players with limited storage space, managing Genshin Impact’s storage requirements is crucial. Some platforms offer options to optimize storage, such as selective downloads or removing unused assets. However, it’s important to retain the necessary files for a seamless gameplay experience. 

Players do not need to be so meticulous to learn how to manage Genshin Impact storage as the game usually removes unused assets from previous events when not needed. This means, players will simply need to update the game to the latest patch update in order to save storage space.

Genshin Impact’s storage requirements have grown since its release, with regular updates expanding the game’s overall storage footprint. By understanding the initial download size and implementing storage management practices, players can figure out how much storage Genshin Impact requires while still enjoying the immersive world of the game without worrying about storage limitations.