How to Buy Tickets for MSC 2022 Tournament

Tickets for the are now being sold online. Interested fans can purchase tickets with prices varying depending on the date, the match schedule, and the seat location. Each ticket bought will also contain a few freebies such as in-game skins or official merchandise for audiences to redeem. Redeemable rewards will vary depending on the type of ticket purchased. The MSC 2022 is scheduled to be held on 11th June at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Only audiences who are fully vaccinated and above 12 years of age will be able to enter the venue.

Where to buy tickets for MSC 2022

Audiences looking to purchase tickets to watch live at the venue can visit , the official ticket vendor for the esports event. During peak hours, incoming visitors may be limited and will have waiting times before they can access the website.

The tickets sold are only for the Playoffs stage starting on 15th June going on till 19th June. This means, there will be no live audience for the group stage and the first day of the playoffs. However, all matches will be broadcasted live.

The prices of the tickets range from 25 to 40 Malaysian Ringgit (MYR). That’s around $6 USD to $9 USD depending on the match and the seats. These tickets also come with free goodies. Both tiers of tickets will grant a chance to redeem an Epic Epic skin, MSC 2022 merch, and more. However fans who purchased the Gold tier seat are guaranteed to win one skin on top of the regular rewards.

At the time of writing this article, Gold tier seats for the grand finals match have been sold out. Silver seats for the finals are still available for interested fans.

The MSC 2022 will see 12 top-performing teams from the SEA region competing for the championship title and the lion’s share of the $300,000 USD prize pool. It will be interesting to see who will rise as the crowned champion in the upcoming tournament.


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