How to Change Payment Option in Razer Gold for Mobile Legends

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“How to change payment in Razer Gold Mobile Legends?”  is one of the questions commonly asked by players seeking to acquire diamonds from the website, using a different form of payment option. Players that purchase in-game diamonds, Twilight Passes, or Weekly Diamond Passes through the official Razer Gold website will receive a discount. Payment choices and currency utilized on the website differ by country. While Razer Gold provides a choice of simple payment alternatives for purchasing virtual credits, some players may be unable to discover the option they want. Here are some pointers on how to modify the payment method in Razer Gold for Mobile Legends.

How to buy diamonds in Mobile Legends Razer Gold

Purchasing diamonds in Razer Gold is easy with its step-by-step procedure;

1. Head to the official website of Razer Gold. Take note that the website may vary according to each country.

2. Search for Mobile Legends from the list or by using the Search Bar

3. Provide your User and Zone ID which can be found in your Mobile Legends profile.

4. Input your E-mail address in order to receive your purchase receipt.

Select the number of diamonds you want to purchase. The available options are as follows;

5. Select your payment options from the list provided on the website. Take note that prices may vary depending on the region and the payment option selected.

6. Click on the “CHECKOUT” button and follow the instruction provided by Razer Gold to complete the transactions.

If you have a promo code from various promotions hosted by Razer Gold, you can input it before checking out your purchase.

How to change payment in Razer Gold for Mobile Legends 2023

The solution for players looking for more payment options should be to change their region. The payment choices for Razer Gold differ depending on what country you reside in. One of the simplest ways to change payment methods is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) program.

Take note that as you change the region for the Razer Gold website, the currency needed to purchase diamonds in Mobile Legends shall also change. 


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