How to download PUBG Mobile 2.4.5 beta on Android using APK file

The 2.4.5 beta is now available for download (Image via Sportskeeda)

The first major PUBG Mobile of 2023 went live earlier this month, launching the Martial Showdown mode, which includes an exclusive Martial Arts Arena and exciting gameplay elements. After the update, the developers released a new intermediate 2.4.5 beta version.

With the beta, the developers invite players worldwide to try the new feature of World of Wonder custom gameplay. It essentially allows you to try out gameplay scenarios created by others.

You can download the latest version on your Android device using the APK file provided by the developers. The following guide contains detailed instructions for installing the PUBG Mobile 2.4.5 beta version.

Guide to download PUBG Mobile 2.4.5 beta via APK file


The procedure to download the beta version of PUBG Mobile 2.4.5 is fairly straightforward and may be accomplished without facing difficulties. You may use the APK file to install the beta on Android devices by following the instructions provided below:

Step 1: To start the procedure, you will have to visit the PUBG Mobile 2.4.5 beta download page. The links below can be utilized to accomplish the same:

Android (x32):

Android (x64):

The former is 681 MB, while the latter is 761 MB. Furthermore, you will have to install resource packs after installation. As a result, you have to ensure that there is sufficient space available on your mobile device.

You will have to download the required file (Image via Tencent)
You will have to download the required file (Image via Tencent)

Step 2: In the next step, download the relevant file based on your device.

Step 3: Once the file is on your phone, you should enable the “Install from Unknown Source” setting and install the APK.

Step 4: Upon completion of the installation procedure, open the game’s application and provide the required permissions.

You must go ahead and sign in using the "Guest" button (Image via Tencent)
You must go ahead and sign in using the “Guest” button (Image via Tencent)

Step 5: Finally, you will have to download either of the two resource packs. After the download concludes, sign in using the “Guest” option to get into the beta version.

If you encounter an error message while installing the APK file, you may try to reinstall it. However, if the problem isn’t resolved, you may try re-downloading the file and following the steps outlined in the section above.

Since this is a beta version, it may include bugs and glitches. If you encounter any, you are advised to report them to the developers so that they get fixed before the official launch of the upcoming update.

Map Editor access in PUBG Mobile 2.4.5 beta version

Map Editor access (Image via Discord)
Map Editor access (Image via Discord)

If you wish to create your own map in the World of Wonder in the PUBG Mobile 2.4.5 beta, then the developers have advised the individuals to send in an application through a separate WOW Google Form. You will have to provide your Beta in-game numeric ID in this form to get editor access.

Subsequently, selected individuals will receive editor access and be able to create and edit their maps. Fans are advised to share feedback with the developers on encountering any specific bugs or glitches.

Disclaimer: The authorities banned PUBG Mobile in India under Section 69A of the IT Act. Accordingly, due to government limitations, players in the country should not download or play the battle royale title or its beta edition.

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