MemeChat: How to Earn Money From MemeChat App Making Memes? 2022


Memechat is a startup based on the fact that you can be paid for making the memes. Everyone knows how much popularity memes gained as social media surges. Meme have been the way to entertainment but no one ever get paid for creating, sharing, and liking the memes.

Although, the way meme chat is simple to understand, knowing how it works and how you can earn by creating the meme is still new to most people. Here we are going to talk about how the meme chat works and how it can benefit you.

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How you can earn by Creating in MemesChat? 

MemeChat pays you but the question is how much. We will discuss that in this section. 

The basic pay for creating a meme depends on the number of likes you are getting. To simplify YouTubers are paid based on the number of views, similarly, members are going to be paid for the number of like they get. 

Memechat works on the MC currency. 1 MC is equivalent to Rs.1. When you’re meme is liked by more than one person then you get 1 MC. 

You can make it by making people like your content.  You can withdraw once you hit the Rs.100 target. 

Pay structure is directly proportional to the number of the memes and the number you get via creating memes. Creating Memes isn’t the difficult part but the real struggle is making it like the meme. 

What are the Features of MemeChat?

MemeChat is an app available in the play store. MemeChat is like the normal app number of features. You can for the keyboard or the trending posts. MemeChat has four prime features :

1. Editor and Meme templates – MemeChat comes with a popular meme template. To create the meme you just need to edit the template and change a few terms.

For instance, you will be given the Akshay Kumar popular template with the option to edit the text.

2. Stonks– Stonks is something new and unknown to most of users. Stonks is just the smaller version of the share market and trading, the only difference here is that you need to invest in Memes. It’s a little difficult to understand but as you will have exposure then the process will become easier.

3.MemeChat Keyboard –Undoubtlably,  MemeChat Keyword is one of the most exciting features of MemeChat. Learning how you can use the keyword will increase your humor and sarcasm. MemeChat can be revolutionary for texting. Emoji made an impact on texting and the next big change can be MemeChat.  

 In short, meme chat will make texting more funny and enjoyable.

4. Trending – MemeChat comes with a section where you find all the trending memes. This feature will help you in research when you’re are looking for ideas. Along with that, you can use the section to know what is trending and what will work.

5.MemeHub –  MemeChat also has a short video platform like tik tok. You will find the 30sec-1 min short video.  This has several funny videos, prank videos, and trending tracks. You can consider this option as another version of the TikTok like reels and Youtube shorts. 

How can you improve your reach?

Platforms like YouTube and Instagram are based on reach. The more people you can influence, the more you can earn. Marketing yourself is not that easy. To do so, you need to keep engaging the audience and be consistent in what you create. Apart from this, there are various methods through which you can promote yourself. I list some of them below : 

Join Group – Groups are the best way to connect with a large audience. To apply this method you need to be active in groups, endorse others and engage with others’ content. 

Join Task – Task can be a game-changer. To be honest, tasks are just a way to stay updated. People love to see their favorite creators involved in things they like. Therefore, you won’t increase your reach then you use this method. 

Post Everyday – Posting every day is one of the best to keep engaging the audience. Being consistent is what it takes to be a creator.  You want to increase the reach then be consistent and post trending content.  

Well, all the above methods are easy and you start creating earnings through the app.

How to Install and Use the MemeChat App?

MemeChat is easy to use, anyone can down;oad the memecaht app and earn by making memes. if you want to know how then follow the steps given below.

  • Step1: Go to the play store or any app center you have.
  • Step 2: Search for the term MemeChat. Playstore will show you all the results.
  • Step 3: Download and Install the MemeChat App.s
  • Step 4: Open MemeChat. AS soon as you will open the meme chat then you have to create the Account. To create the account, fill in your email and username and then enter the password.
  • Step 5: After successfully creating the account you will see the option to select the category. Select a category and you will have memes related to that particular category .

The process is finished. now you can create the meme and earn. Initially, you need to start with already existing images and then you can go for your creation. There are multiple pics available to get started. Explore the app. know what works and start to create your memes.

Well. it’s not as easy as its sounds. you have to be consistent in creating and keeping your audience engaged. 


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