How to Fix Marvel Snap ‘Unable to Communicate with the Matchmaking Service’ Error

Marvel Snap is a fast-paced digital collectible card game that allows players to build their own decks of 12 cards. As they win more by playing, more cards are made available, allowing players to stack combos and killer moves to devastate their opponents. Unfortunately, just like other online multiplayer games, Marvel Snap also faces various issues that hinder play time and gameplay. However, most of these issues can be easily fixed. Recently, many players have been experiencing the ‘Unable to Communicate with the Matchmaking service’ error in the game.

Here’s all we know about this error and possible solutions to fix it.

Unable to Communicate with the Matchmaking service error explained

Some Marvel Snap players have been experiencing a bug that prevents them from playing the game. If you received the following message while queueing up, you are not the only one: 

Aw, Snap! Unable to communicate with the matchmaking service. Please try again.

This error also disallows players from leveling up playing cards. 

If you encounter this error message, try out the following possible fixes:

Close Marvel Snap and re-open app: It has been reported that just simply closing the game for about 15 minutes should resolve the problem automatically without doing any other action.

Unlink Google account: The other possible solution to this issue is unlinking your Google account and re-linking it again after some time.

Restart your device: Regardless of whether you are running the game on Android, iOS, or your PC, simply restart your device and check if that resolves the issue in Marvel Snap. 

Reinstall Marvel Snap: This third option should be done if the first two fixes do not work for you. For this, you will need to remove the game completely from your device and restart it first. After this, restart your internet connection also and reinstall the game again.

There is one very important thing to remember before deleting the Marvel Snap app from your phone if you want your progress to be saved. First, make sure to link your account to either your Apple or Google Account before deleting the game. If you miss this crucial step, your card collection will be lost unfortunately and you will not be able to claim them back. You will have to start over from scratch with the tutorial and progress through the game slowly.

You can also check out the status of Marvel Snap’s servers to be safe. Just like any other online game, Marvel Snap also relies on its online servers to keep the action running. The two best places to check the server status are Marvel Snap’s Twitter page and the game’s official Discord channel.