How to Get 600 UC for Free in BGMI?

How to Get 600 UC for Free in BGMI?

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) offers various kinds of rewards through its events and crates. For players to get premium rewards from these events and crates, they are required to spend the in-game currency. There are several types of currencies in BGMI like Battle Points (BP), Silver Fragments, Ace Gold (AG) and Unknown Cash (UC). UC is used to open Classic and Premium Crates as well as draw rewards from exclusive events. It is also used to purchase special event crates which include upgradable weapon skins as well as character outfits.

How to claim 600 UC for free in BGMI?

A creator on Instagram named , recently discovered a way for BGMI players to get a massive amount of UC by spending a very little amount of money. According to him players are required to claim discount coupons available in the Google Play Store and you can get over 600 UC for as little as INR 38.

  • 60 UC: This pack will cost ₹75.

  • 300 UC + 25 UC (Bonus): This pack will cost  ₹380.

  • 600 UC + 60 UC (Bonus): This pack will cost ₹750.

  • 1,500 UC + 300 UC (Bonus): This pack will cost ₹1,900.

  • 3,000 UC + 850 UC (Bonus): This pack will cost ₹3,800.

  • 6,000 UC + 2,100 UC (Bonus): This pack will cost ₹7,500.

BGMI UC Discount

  • Open the Google Play Store and click on the notification button.

  • If you see a discount coupon, log out from all other email id’s you have in the Play Store.

  • Open BGMI and press on the ‘+’ button at the top right corner of the screen.

  • Click on the 380 UC pack.

  • You will see a discount coupon in the payment screen. choose the payment method, click on the confirmation button.

  • After the payment is processed successfully, the player will receive a message that says “Payment Successful” and the 325 UC will be added to the player’s account.

  • The same process can be done from other email ids as well if it has the discount coupon available.

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  • UC can be used to open Crates and get new skins for characters, vehicles, weapons and more.

  • It can be used to send Popularity to your in-game friends and help them climb the Popularity charts.

  • It can also be used to purchase the Royale Pass, which has a number of premium rewards.

The above mentioned method is not the same for every one and players will get different amounts of discount. Some may not receive a percentage discount coupon like 95% off or 60% off, but a discount coupon of a certain amount like INR 40 or INR 20 will be given, which can also be deducted while purchasing UC. Players are required to check their notification section in order to claim the discount while purchasing UC.

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