How to Get All Free Fire Characters for Free Using the New LINK Method

Free Fire is a mobile battle royale where character selection plays a very important role, as each one of them have their own respective set of abilities. With each character having its own set of strengths and weaknesses every one of them is useful in different situations.

This makes it very important to unlock new characters in Free Fire, but often this is not possible instantly as it requires a player to grind the game for quite some time in order to acquire a character of their choice.

While this was the case before the ‘OB33 Update’ came out, following its release character acquisition has become much simpler. This is because unlike previously, Free Fire players that do not spend anything within the game can also claim all the premium characters by utilizing the newly introduced ‘LINK’ system.

Guide to unlocking all Free Fire characters using the ‘LINK’ method

Having multiple Free Fire characters unlocked works out well for a user because each one of them is suited well for different situations. Also, every team might function well with a different set of characters so it is always favourable to keep them all around.

Here is the new ‘LINK’ method in Free Fire through which any character can be unlocked without spending any diamonds,

  • : Start by logging in to Free Fire and then go to the ‘Character’ section.

  • : Then click on the ‘LINK’ option which is available on the upper right corner.

  • : Follow up by clicking on the ‘Plus’ icon to select the desired Free Fire character.

This process can be followed in a constant loop if the user plans on unlocking more Free Fire characters of their choice. This LINK method is extremely useful if the user wants to unlock a specific character urgently, or wants to try out some new character that has been newly added to the game.

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