How to Get Beyond the Clouds MLBB Kagura Skin for Free

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Beyond The Clouds event will soon kick off offering players a chance to acquire one of the new featured limited-time skins. The event is set to kick off between August and September and will feature three new skins for the heroes Kagura, Xavier, and Edith. On top of the three limited edition skins, players can also acquire various other skins up to Epic tier from the Beyond The Clouds MLBB event. According to leakers, players can acquire the limited time skin of Kagura for free by completing missions to increase the discount offer up to 100% of the price.

How to get Beyond the Clouds MLBB Kagura skin for free

According to the leaker Elgin, players can directly purchase the Beyond the Clouds MLBB Kagura skin for 1,200 diamonds. However, by completing missions in the Elven Scroll event, players can reduce the price up to 0 diamonds.

Here are the ways players can acquire Ancient Relics and get the Beyond The Clouds MLBB Kagura skin for free;

Complete Event Tasks

The Elven Scroll event is set to start alongside the Beyond The Clouds MLBB Event where players collect Ancient Relics that can reduce the price of the limited-time Kagura skin for 1 diamond per relic collected.

Completing event tasks will reward players with Elven Scrolls which will grant 10 Ancient Relics per scroll. Keep in mind that players can only acquire a total of 620 relics through the Elven Scrolls event.

Purchase Weekly Diamond Pass

Purchasing a Weekly Diamond Pass will also grant players 220 Ancient Relics. However, this mission is optional but can still be a big help to lower the skin price of the Beyond the Clouds MLBB Kagura skin.

Open Relic Chests

Another way to obtain Ancient Relics is by opening Relic Chests. The chest grants players 128-448 Ancient Relics. 

Can you get Beyond The Clouds MLBB Kagura skin for free?

Here is the computation for all the Ancient Relics that players can acquire throughout the Beyond The Clouds MLBB event;

  • Elven Scroll Tasks: 620

  • Weekly Diamond Pass Purchase: 220

  • Relic Chest: 448

  • Total Ancient Relics: 1,288

Based on the computation, players can get the Beyond The Clouds MLBB Kagura skin for free. However, they need to be very lucky and get the maximum reward in the Relic Chest and purchase a Weekly Diamond Pass in order to get the 100% discount offer.

Eitherway, the event still requires players to purchase or top-up in-game diamonds in order to achieve the full discounted price.