How to Get Magic Core in Mobile Legends Magic Wheel Revamp

Knowing how to get Magic Cores in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (ML) is one of the things that players are currently curious about in the game. This is due to the recent Magic Wheel revamp which changed how players can acquire Legend tier skins. Instead of drawing 200 times to get a special token to exchange for a skin, players will now need to acquire a specific number of Magic Cores in Mobile Legends in order to exchange for a Legend tier skin. Players can also acquire custom actions for the featured skins in the Magic Wheel. Here is a guide on how to get Magic Cores in Mobile Legends.

How to get Magic Core in Mobile Legends?

Players can acquire a Magic Core in Mobile Legends by drawing in the revamped Magic Wheel. Players are not guaranteed to acquire one with each draw, however, there is a chance that you can acquire more than one token based on luck.

Players can still acquire random in-game loot from the Magic Wheel with a small chance of acquiring the Irithel “Hellfire” Epic skin. 

Each Magic Crystal that a player owns before the revamp will be converted into Magic Cores in Mobile Legends, enough to exchange for a Legend tier skin. All Magic Points will also be converted with a 1:1 ratio. This means that if players already made progress in the previous Magic Wheel, they won’t lose progress and will already have a Magic Core in Mobile Legends to use.

The difficulty of winning a skin in the revamped Magic Wheel may depend on whether you’re a free-to-play, light, or heavy spender. For players who rely on special events for Magic Wheel potions and Crystals of Aurora, acquiring an ML Magic Core will be harder as they are no longer guaranteed to acquire a Legend tier skin in 200 draws. Players will have to keep their eyes peeled for more events if they wish to grab one of the skins featured in the Magic Wheel.