How to Get Mythic Weapons in COD Mobile

Call of Duty (COD) Mobile has a variety of cosmetics that give a unique look to your operator, weapons and profile. Along with a variety of grindable camos, and blueprints, there are also Legendary weapon skins which can be bought from seasonal lucky draws. The rarest of these cosmetics are Mythic weapons, which come with their own attachment skins, unique death effects and muzzle flashes. All the Legendary and Mythic weapons in COD Mobile can be viewed through the ‘Arsenal’ tab in the main menu. Here is everything you need to know about them and how to get Mythic weapons in COD Mobile.

Mythic Weapons in COD Mobile explained

As of now there are 99 Legendary weapons and 9 Mythic weapons in COD Mobile. Each Mythic weapon has 8 Mythic levels, with each level unlocking a new cosmetic to the skin like a unique charm or death animation. Players can unlock all the Mythic levels by using upgrade materials called Mythic Cards. These are common for all Mythic skins in COD Mobile.

Unlocking Mythic weapons involves purchasing COD Points (CP) and participating in the Mythic Draw. There are a set number of odds for each draw, with increasing CP cost and increasing probability of drawing a Mythic weapon skin.

Depending on the region, the CP costing varies, starting as low as 10 CP and going up to 2300 CP for the 10th draw. Most players will need to do multiple Mythic draws to get the weapon. This can end up burning a hole in your pocket so it is best to hold off and look for alternative ways to get CP.

How to get Mythic Weapons using Free CP

Google Opinion Rewards is an official app by Google which invites users to participate in surveys and earn Google Play Store balance. Players can then use this balance to buy CP in COD Mobile. Players can choose Google Play balance as their payment method when buying items from the in-game shop. Note that the amount you receive through Google Opinion Rewards for each survey varies.

Streamers and gaming organisations host giveaways for a variety of items from time to time. Sometimes, they may do CP or premium battlepass giveaways so look for giveaway announcements on various channels and pages.

List of Mythic Weapons currently out in COD Mobile (May 2022)

Here are all the Mythic weapons released in COD Mobile as of Season 4 Wild Dogs:

1. AK-47 – Radiance

6. Holder 26 – Dark Frontier

8. Peacekeeper MK2 – Artifact


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