How to Get Stim Shot in CODM

A Stim Shot in CODM (Call of Duty: Mobile) is tactical equipment that helps players survive tough situations or make clutch plays for the team by providing a temporary movement speed boost and health regeneration. This gear was first introduced in 2023 Season 1. The Stim Shot in CODM is also a staple item in various Call of Duty games like Black Ops 4 and Modern Warfare II. While the Tactical Equipment is quite new in COD Mobile, players have seen its potential, especially those who enjoy risky playstyles that require them to stay in the middle of the battlefield.

How to get the Stim Shot in COD Mobile?

Players can acquire the Stim Shot in CODM upon reaching Tier 4 during the 2023 Season 1 update. Once players unlock the equipment, it can be found in the Tactical Equipment list in the loadout customization menu.

What is a Stim Shot in CODM?

The Stim Shot in CODM provides players with a temporary boost of health regeneration and movement speed. Its lower cooldown, agility boost, and accessibility make it a good alternative to Medkits which can only heal a player. 

The Stim Shot in COD Mobile is a valuable asset on the battlefield, providing a swift burst of movement speed and health regeneration in the midst of intense combat. With its seamless animation, it becomes the perfect choice for critical moments where you need to gain an upper hand against opponents or swiftly evade incoming fire. Whether you’re aggressively pushing forward or defending a position, the Stim Shot in COD Mobile proves to be a game-changer. Its ability to enhance your maneuverability allows you to outsmart opponents, and the substantial health regeneration ensures you can outlast them in prolonged fights. 

With the right loadout setup to maximize the potential of the Stim Shot in COD Mobile, players will be able to dominate matches with an aggressive playstyle.