How to Host or Join a Blooket Game?

Host or Join a Blooket Game

A platform for game-based learning called Blooket provides engaging gameplay and a ton of teacher customization options.

Blooket instructs students through a combination of character-based gaming and a digital quiz game.

Teachers can create their questions and answers, but there are plenty of pre-populated ones available as well. The quiz portion can be completed by the student on their device in class or anywhere else.

In contrast to other learning platforms that resemble quizzes, this one incorporates a more traditional game that is played after accumulating points in the questions and answers section. All of this results in a user-friendly system, great fun, and learning.

What is a Blooket?

Blooket is an educational platform designed with gamification in mind. This mixes enjoyable skill games that students can play while they answer the questions with quiz-style questions and answers.

Blooket is web-based and accessible from almost any device, making it perfect for students who are studying at home or in class. Instructors can choose to guide the quiz or let people take it at their own pace. There are a variety of game modes to choose from, offering visually appealing games to play in between the learning modules’ quiz sections.

It is very similar to the high-end, polished games that students may already be playing on their smartphones because everything is point-based and features rewards and character progression. These games can be played in teams or alone, allowing the instructor to assign a group to play against other students in the class.

How does Blooket work?

With just their email address, teachers can create a free account on Blooket, which is incredibly easy to use. Instantaneous game creation is possible with pre-built questions or fully custom builds. In either case, educators can provide students with a code to play the game, enabling them to log in whenever they’d like.

Blooket features a section that is fairly typical of a quiz, with questions that have large color blocks representing the possible answers. Students of all levels will find it very clear and simple to click to select and move forward because of this. Before moving on to the next set of questions, the answers can be used in the game once they have been provided and points have been earned.

Students can earn food to serve customers in the game by answering questions in the cafe mode. In Tower of Doom, students select characters to engage in combat with one another, providing answers to aid in victory. Then there’s the timeless Tower Defense, which the majority of students have probably played in one way or another.

What are the features of Blooket?

Blooket is incredibly user-friendly for both educators and students. It is therefore suitable for a broad spectrum of ages and skill levels.

Teachers can quickly assign students to groups thanks to a convenient randomization feature. To further remove the element of speed-based competition from the games, the points awarded can also be randomly assigned.

Since these games are quite addictive, students will likely return to play them even outside of class. It’s great that teachers can quickly create sets of questions because then students can start playing right away and have all the resources they need to advance at their own pace.

One great feature that keeps students interested and helps them come back is the ability to earn coins and points to spend in the game.

How to Host a Blooket Game?

To get started, find a set known as “My Sets” or “Discover.”

  1. You need to choose a question set from your My Sets tab. You can find one in the Discovery tab, or you can create one in the Create tab section to view its preview page.
  2. Now, you click on Host on the question set and select the game mode.
  3. You can now carry out the process of making a game.
  4. You will receive a game ID, QR code, and link after completing all of this, which you can distribute to students. They can now jump into the game.

How does Blooket work?

Choose a question set:

We are confident that you will have the ideal set of questions for your class, whether you make your own, import one using our converter tools, or locate one in our Discover database.

Select a game mode:

There are constantly several interesting game modes available that are guaranteed to keep students interested. Additionally, be sure to keep an eye out for seasonal and event modes that are time-limited.

Host & Join:

Students participate in a game that the teacher presents on a big screen in front of the class and use their Game IDs to compete on their own devices.

Play to review:

Students will not only have a blast during a game session, but they will also be reviewing the material being taught in class by answering questions.

Analyze results:

Teachers can comprehend how their students are performing while recognizing areas where they may need to review again with the help of comprehensive score reports and question analysis.

How much does Blooket cost?

Blooket provides quotation-based group pricing in addition to three subscription tiers.

You can create and host games, access exclusive game modes, search question sets, and make an unlimited number of sets and edits with the Free tier.

If you choose Plus, which is $2.99 a month with annual billing of $35.88, you will also receive priority support, improved game reports, early event access, exclusive features, and student bonus tokens.

Choose Plus Flex instead; it costs $4.99 a month and includes all the features listed above with the flexibility to pay every month and cancel at any time.