How To Improve Sniper Efficiency in BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) offers a wide range of weapons for its players to use. Sniper rifles in BGMI are powerful ones that can eliminate opponents with just one well-placed shot, particularly to the head. Sniping is the art of playing with bolt action rifles and taking down enemies from over really long distances. However, it takes a lot of practice to master this skill. There are many snipers in BGMI, including AWM – Arctic Warfare Magnum, Kar98K, Mosin Nagant, M24, and Win94 in this battle royale. 

Let us look at some tips which will help you increase your efficiency with a sniper rifle in BGMI.

Key Tips to Improve Sniper Efficiency in BGMI

While in theory sniping enemies from afar sounds easy, it involves a lot of practice and accuracy. Hitting headshots, especially with bolt-action rifles, is hard. However, with continued efforts, you can be crowned the best Sniper. Here are some tips to improve your sniping efficiency in BGMI:

Positioning and Cover

Before aiming at an enemy’s head, ensure you have taken a secure position with proper cover. Find objects like trees or rocks that can protect you from enemy fire. Without cover, even an opponent wielding an Assault Rifle can easily eliminate you. So, always prioritize finding a safe sniping spot.

Adjust Your Playstyle

Sniper rifles are not suitable for aggressive playstyles. They have a low rate of fire and are ineffective in mid-range and close-range combat. To maximize sniper kills, adopt a passive playstyle and focus on strategic gameplay. This approach allows you to use snipers to their full potential and increase your chances of victory.

Optimal Attachments

Equipping suitable attachments is crucial when using a sniper rifle in BGMI. Choose the right scope for long-range aimings, such as 6x or 8x scopes, to ensure accurate headshots. Using a muzzle attachment can help reduce recoil and improve shot precision. Consider attaching a cheek pad to reduce weapon shake and improve stability, further enhancing your accuracy.

Selecting the Right Rifle

Each sniper rifle in BGMI has its own optimal range. Choose the appropriate rifle based on the range you intend to target. The AWM excels at long-range shots, while rifles like the Mosin Nagant or Kar98K perform well in mid-range engagements. Semi-automatic snipers like the Mini14 or SKS can be more effective in certain situations. Keep in mind that the AWM has the greatest damage, but it is only available in airdrops, so consider your options based on availability. One must note that AWM is only available via AirDrop.

Practice and Patience 

Improving sniper efficiency requires practice and patience. Dedicate time by hopping on training mode or sniper training to sharpen your skills, improve your aim, and develop a better understanding of bullet physics in the game. Practice not only the basic techniques but also advanced skills like movement, aiming, taking cover, and peeking and firing. Consistent practice will gradually enhance your sniping abilities, making it easier to eliminate opponents in BGMI.