How to Increase Evo Level in BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is one of the most played battle royale games in India. Easy to learn controls and features, amazing graphics, and various modes for different kinds of players has made BGMI immensely popular in India.  

There are two types of levels in BGMI, Player Level and Evo Level. Player Level signifies the experience a player has gained by playing classic mode matches and Evo Level states the experience that has been earned through playing Arena mode or Payload mode. To increase a significant level one must complete missions related to that level. BGMI offers various missions to players to increase their level and players will receive points from each mission which will in turn contribute to their level.

Ways to increase Evo Level in BGMI

There are various methods and modes to increase Evo Level in BGMI. Players have to gain experience points from every match in order to increase their Evo Level. 

These are some of the methods to increase Evo Level in BGMI:

Play Arena Mode 

Players must play Arena Mode on a daily basis to keep increasing their Evo Level. Taking as many finishes as possible will help the player to earn the maximum number of experience points. There are various modes available in Arena Mode such as Arena Training, Team DeathMatch, Gun Game, Ultimate Arena, 8v8 Santorini, Royale Arena: Assault, Domination, and Assault mode. Playing the Payload mode will also help to increase Evo Level. 

Complete missions

Completing missions on a daily basis will give a boost to the experience points received by a player in a single match. There are various missions available such as Daily missions, Event specific missions, Royale Pass missions, and Elite Pass missions. To complete missions from the Royale Pass the player will have to purchase a Royale Pass or an Elite Pass.  

Use EXP card

The Experience (EXP) card helps to increase Evo Level significantly. There are different kinds of EXP cards available and some of them even double the experience points received from a single match. The EXP card can be obtained from completing missions or by purchasing the Royale Pass. Players will have to activate their EXP card from their inventory. Upon activation, the EXP card will work for a specific period of time and players will need to play as many games as possible to receive bonus experience points.

How to check Evo level

To check your Evo Level follow these steps:

  • Open BGMI on your device.

  • Open your profile by clicking on your profile picture in the upper left corner.

  • Below your profile picture players can view their Player Level as well as their Evo Level.

Players will have to follow these steps if they want to increase their Evo Level quickly. They need to make sure to read the details of the missions carefully as completing EvoGrounds specific missions will boost a player’s Evo Level.