How to make a saddle in Minecraft? 2022

How to make a saddle in Minecraft

How to make a saddle in Minecraft? Saddles aren’t made, they can be found in-game. The basic method is to spot saddles in the chest and dungeons. There are several methods through which you can find saddles. We are about to know about the same, how we can make a saddle in Minecraft?

Below are the four basic methods through which you can find saddles : 

All the above-mentioned methods are described thoroughly below. 

  • Finding the saddles in chest/dungeons Trading Saddles in exchange for diamond 
  • Fishing the Saddles 
  • Cheating to get Saddles.
How to make a saddle in Minecraft

Finding the saddles in chest/dungeons

1. Chest

You can find Saddles in Chest, thus, make sure you open each and every Chest you come across. Getting Saddles is mere luck, that’s why never leave the chest unopened. There are changes even if you didn’t get a Saddle there must be some other item. 

2. Dungeons

Similarly to Chest, you need to find Dungeons. There is the possibility that you may find zombies, skeletons along saddles. Chest found in dungeons increases the 50% chance of getting Saddle. Therefore, it’s important to look for chests in adventures as well as in dungeons.

3. Nether Fortress

Before getting Saddle first you need to build the Fortress using obsidian blocks. After building Nether Fortress there are 40% increased chances that you will get the saddle in the chest found in Nether Fortress. Thus, first, build the fortress and then find the chest. There you will get Saddles.

4. Desert Temple

Desert Temples are partially covered with sand. Find the temple, then look for the blue clay box in the center of the floor. Now, dig this floor, you will find almost 4 chests and there are 15% chances that you will find a saddle in this box.

5. Abandoned Villages and Jungle Temple

Make sure to search throughout the abandoned momentums and villages. There you may find the chest and dingoes with the saddle in it.  To be specific, there are more chances of getting saddles in chests found in Jungle Temples.

Trading for a Saddle

How to make a saddle in Minecraft

Another common method to find Saddle is Trading. You can trade Diamond in exchange for saddles or emeralds. Below are the few methods through which you can Trade. Let’s discuss how! 

1. Emeralds

Emeralds can get you Saddles. The main point is How? Emeralds open the opportunity to buy emeralds. As per rule, you can purchase a saddle using 9-16 emerald blocks and 8-10 more emeralds to purchase the saddle yourself. 

Now, you will know how you will get Emeralds. To find emeralds keep looking for the chest, there you will find the Emeralds. 

2. Open Trading with Leatherworkers

You can trade with leather workers to get some saddles. First, you need to find some emeralds, and then you can right-click on the leather workers trading window. Explore the more trading options right there. You will see multiple options to buy pants, emerald which will enhance your treasure. 

3. Leather Worker Village

Leather Worker Village will open a lot of opportunities to trade saddles. The option to trade with leather workers is only available in computer or console versions. First, you need to finish the mandatory trade that will open the path to emerald Trading. However, this method seems a little bit complicated but you will do more while playing. 

To summarize, trading is the best to get saddles but there are certain limitations to its trading.  First is, you need to have a certain number of emeralds and then you have to find leather workers to trade efficiently. You should try this method.


Cheating isn’t the ethical method to get saddles but this method ensures you will get the Saddle. Here we are going to discuss the same methods. Below are some of the methods of how you can get Saddle. Read below! 

1. Creative mode

To get more Saddle you can switch to Creative mode. Switching is a simple trick that you can use. Below we mentioned how you can switch: 

Open your chat window and type /game mode C. Now choose the saddle from the list of available items. Now switch back to survival mode by /game mode a. You can use the saddle you selected in creative mode. 

2. Summon a tamed horse with a saddle

If you don’t want to find the horse to tame then you try to summon the tamed horse. Use the below steps to tame the horse : 

Firstly open window chat by pressing T 

Open the chat window and type the following : 

/summon EntityHorse ~ ~ ~ {Tame:1,SaddleItem:{id:329,Count:1}}

Enter the above code that helps you extract the saddle from the tamed horses. 

3. Get Saddle through Command

Here you need to use the command console to get the Saddle. Here is how you will get the command console : 

The process is simple, all you need to do is to enter the below code in the console command: /give player name saddle 1

This will give you Saddle to players whose name is mentioned. 

4. Enable Cheat Codes

Follow the below steps to enable the Cheat Codes in Minecraft : 

There are two scenarios:

  • The first one is when you haven’t created the world. In this case, you can enable cheats from Create World Menu 
  • The second one is when you already created the world. In this scenario, you can enable cheats by opening the Pause Menu and selecting ” Open to LAN” then “Toggle ” “Allow Cheats ”  ON.

Fishing –

How to make a saddle in Minecraft
How to make a saddle in Minecraft

Fishing isn’t the most popular nor the most loved method to get the saddle. But there are chances that you may find saddles while fishing. 

First, you need to craft a fishing rod using three sticks. Make a fishing rod, and approach any water body. Chances are less than 1%, that’s why this isn’t the most preferred method. Still, you can try to explore a method. 

We mentioned all the methods you can use to get/make the saddle in Minecraft. Follow any of these and you will receive the Saddles. Method mentioned here is easy to follow. Enjoy!! 


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