How to Obtain the Spider-Verse Themed Moony Pet Skin for Free in Free Fire Max

Free Fire has collaborated with Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, bringing exciting rewards and features to the game. One of the latest events, “Deal Damage To Win,” offers players the chance to obtain the exclusive Spider-Verse Moony pet skin for free. This event is active from 9th June to 15th June.

Event Details: How to get Spider-Verse Themed Moony Pet Skin

In the “Deal Damage To Win” event, players can equip their pets with Spider-Verse-themed skins. To unlock these exclusive rewards, players need to deal a specific amount of damage in Clash Squad or Battle Royale mode. The rewards and corresponding damage limits are as follows:

  • Deal 5000 damage: Free Bonfire

  • Deal 10000 damage: Free Pet Skin – Spider-Verse Moony

  • Deal 20000 damage: Free Moony pet

Apart from the “Deal Damage To Win” event, there are additional events where players can obtain Spider-Verse-themed backpacks, parachutes, and emotes by completing missions. Aim for the damage thresholds to secure the exclusive “Spider-Verse Moony” pet skin.

Steps to Get the Spider-Verse Moony Pet Skin in Free Fire MAX:

Follow these steps to receive the free pet and exclusive Spider-Verse-themed pet skin:

  1. Access your Free Fire account and play games in your preferred mode, dealing sufficient damage as per the event requirement.

  2. Track the damage progress using the event interface.

  3. Select the “Deal Damage for Moony” section from the list in the event section.

  4. Click on the claim button next to the rewards to obtain them.

  5. The pet and skin will be permanently available and can be equipped from the character section in the menu.

Participating in the “Deal Damage To Win” event in Free Fire MAX allows players to obtain the Spider-Verse Moony pet skin for free. By completing specific tasks and reaching the damage thresholds, players can secure this exclusive reward, which would normally cost hundreds of diamonds. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add this valuable pet and skin to your collection.